Adventures in Alchemy Podcast

with Michelle Martin Dobbins

Helping You Create Magic & Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Tips, techniques, and true stories to support you in using the law of attraction and alchemy to create magic and live the life of your dreams. Hosted by me, Michelle Martin Dobbins, the founder of I’ll share my successes and failures and give you practical techniques to incorporate alchemy into your life in a fun way that works.

Episode 160: Just Decide

Part of creating your life as a spiritual alchemist is deciding what you are going to. Things can happen just because you decided they were. Granted you’ll have to do some work but if you have decided to do something, you’ll be guided how to do it. If you are just...

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Episode 159: I Ain’t Doing It

Often spiritual people think they aren’t allowed to be negative but sometimes a firm “no” or a denial is what’s needed to move forward. “I ain’t doing it” can be the perfect mantra. Need help creating your Magical Life? There are freebies galore for you in the Daily...

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Episode 156: Gratitude for the Yuck

There’s always a blessing in every situation. Even the yuckiest stuff has a gift for us. Even if we don’t like the yuck, when we can look for and have gratitude for the gift, it’s easy to create more of what we do want in our lives. Need help creating your Magical...

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Episode 154: Why Work with Ancestors

Here are three easy ways you can work with you ancestors and some of the reasons you may want to do so. I like this article that explains more about family altars and how some people work with them: Need help creating...

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Episode 153: Is it Ok?

Is it ok to want what you want and try to create it? We often wonder is OK for me to actually have the things I desire. I’m going to answer that question for you along with giving you some simple tips to see if you are in alignment with your desire and how to get...

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Episode 152: The Vibration of Color

Everything has a vibration and you can use that vibration to support you. Color is no different. You don’t need to worry about what color you wear, etc. but if you like you can use it to support what you are creating in your life. I mention this book in the podcast...

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Episode 150: You are The One

Have you ever heard that there is only one of us? Even though we experience separate lives we come from the same energy. When you send healing to others you are healing yourself as well. The opposite is true and when you send healing to yourself you are healing others...

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