Are You Inviting Magic into Your Life?


Inviting Magic

OK, so maybe you are thinking, do I really have to invite magic? The universe should know that I want it. Isn’t that enough? It depends on whether or not you are experiencing magic on a daily basis. If you aren’t,  you might want to make your life a place where magic would be comfortable hanging out.

How do I invite magic? It’s a personal question because everyone has their own kind of magic they want to experience, but here are a few techniques I use for inviting magic:

Magic Starters:

1. Have fun! Add lightness and joy to everything you do.  As Mary Poppins would say the find the fun and “Snap–the jobs a game.”  Take the tasks you need to do and look for ways to make them fun. Remember when you were  a kid and played with toy boats in the bath? Well, you can still make your daily activities more fun. Use lovely scented body wash in the shower. Cut your food into fun shapes or try new recipes that you love. Clean with organic products that smell wonderful. Add fun to all your chores.

Celebrate! My family celebrates every holiday we can thing of. We decorate, make special meals, and do related activities that we find on the internet. Along with the more standard holidays, some of the unofficial holidays can be the most fun to celebrate. Creamsicle day and bad poetry day are coming up! Put a list of holidays that appeal to you on your calendar and celebrate.

2. Play games. It doesn’t matter what your game you play, but there is something special about the energy of doing leisure activities with friends and family. Play a board game, cards, croquet, badminton, etc. Playing games gives the Universe the signal that you have time for magic and that magic would enjoy hanging out with you. Magic doesn’t want to sit around working all day and then be parked in front of the TV all night. No! Magic wants to move, play, laugh, and connect.

3. Have a good soundtrack. Magic likes to go where there is music playing. Pick songs that match the mood you want to create. Make a playlist of your favorite uplifting songs and turn them up! Here’s  a manifesting playlist to get you started. Let the music soothe, energize or inspire you.

4. Dress the part. When you dress in clothes that make you feel good and make you smile, magic will be attracted to you. Add a little whimsy to your clothes if you enjoy it. Funky jewelry or ties can uplift your mood. Catherine Ponder always said that if you want to attract money wear your most expensive, rich-feeling clothes and if you don’t have any, invest in one or two outfits and wear them as often as you can. I like to wear clothes that make me feel magical, that are fun, light and colorful. If you look in your closet and find that your clothes no longer match your energy, it’s time to clean out the old and make room for the new. Donate clothes you no longer love and expect to receive new ones that are perfect for you. You may find the perfect pieces on sale or even have them gifted to you. Be open.

5. Add Special Details.  Prepare your meals as if you were expecting a favorite guest. Use your fine china and nice glasses. Light a candle. Prepare hors d’oeuvre or tapas. Garnish the plates. Keep a fresh bouquet of flowers on your table. Take time to clear clutter, decorate and make your home feel inviting. Look on Pinterest. There are so many fun ways to upgrade your home and life pinned there. Just don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to do everything.  Do a few that are easy for you and lift your vibration.

As they say at Disney World, have magical day and please share any ways you invite magic into your life.

  • Cloris Kylie says:

    Yes! Perfect way to inspire our magical weekend. If we infuse our days with awe and amazement, more awesome and amazing things will pop into our life!

  • eric says:

    Perfect way to start the day, you’re inspired me Michelle.
    Thank you so much and have a great day

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