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Magic Manifesting Formula 1– Set It and Forget It

First the bad news, there is no magical manifesting formula. Now, the good news,  we don’t need one. We need a “feeling” formula. All you need to do is match the vibration of what you want by feeling now the way you will feel once you have what you desire to manifest. There are some easy formulas that we can use to line up our feelings.  Once we are feeling good, results come so fast it feels like magic.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share many different formulas that I have had success with.  Some techniques work better for certain people and in certain circumstances. A technique that has worked wonders for me is one I like to call set it and forget it. It has only two simple steps.

1. Make an intention.  You can make a formal intention and write it down or speak it out loud but even just a passing thought can be an intention.  I tend to get very powerful results from random “what if” thoughts that just flitter though my brain.

2. Do something fun.  Go do something you love to do and forget about the intention. Some things I like to do are spend time with my family, read a book, or go out to eat. The trick is to really forget about the intention and just be in the moment. If you keep thinking that you are having fun to make something happen, it won’t work. Have fun for the sake of enjoying life and feeling good.


This is just a short list of results I’ve had from using this simple formula:

1. I manifested a LOT of white feathers, using an experiment from Pam Grout’s book E-Squared. Then, after thinking  “some day when” I better at blogging, I’d like to have a guest post on the Good Vibe blog, I told this story to Jeannette Maw and she said I needed to write it and share it. This was on a Friday. I spend the weekend roller skating and grilling with my family and having a great time.  On Monday, I quickly typed up the story and BAM! there is was on the Good Vibe Blog.

2. Several bloggers and coaches seem to do quite a few radio interviews. I’m not a big fan of public speaking, but I wondered what that would be like. I didn’t intend to be interviewed. I wasn’t even sure I would want to do it. A few days later, Pam Grout invited me to tell the “white feather” story on the Design Your Life radio show with her. I would only have to speak for few minutes, but I would get the experience of being on a radio show. Of course, I was on board to give it a try.

3. I had a great time on the show, but the radio host, Kevin Kitrell Ross, asked Pam if she chose white feathers because it was something people were likely to see. Well, I don’t normally see them, and Pam hadn’t mentioned white feathers in her book.  I had chosen white feathers because I had manifested white feathers years ago, when I had read Richard Bach’s book Illusions. Pam’s book mentions purple feathers and the thought “What would have happened if I had chosen purple feathers?” popped in my mind for a brief moment.  I went out on a date night that evening with my husband and had a wonderful time.  We went to a new restaurant that was incredible.  Their wait staff was attentive and lively and the food…let me just say, the rolls were swimming in butter and fresh garlic.  Yummy!

The next morning I woke up walked out of my bedroom into the kitchen and stepped on a purple feather. It stuck to my foot. I didn’t think about it at first. I peeled it off and  I made some oatmeal. I sat down to eat and there was…a purple feather sitting on the dining table. Then my daughter came up and said “Hey, Mom, look what the babysitter gave me.”  and she is carrying the purple feathered bird you see at the top of this post. Apparently, it sheds a bit and there were purple feathers in lots of random locations in my house.  A moment later, my son said “Look our teacher is in the newspaper” and points to a picture of the cast of Rapunzel and one of the women in the picture is wearing a hat with a purple feather in it. I didn’t even intend to see purple feathers! I just wondered and then went off and enjoyed my life.

4.  This past weekend, we went to a park and met our extended family for my father-in law’s birthday. Our children were playing and we were enjoying ourselves.  We noticed a couple of young ladies set up their blankets and equipment in the park. They had stacks of brightly colored hula hoops and fire batons. My 10-year-old niece has won several talent shows doing hula hoop routines.  She is quite talented and loves creating her own hula hoop shows.  Her mother walked her over to the woman and began talking with them.  It turned out, one woman is a profession hula hoop performer and teaches hula hoop classes.  She spent at least thirty minutes teaching my niece a new trick and my sister-in-law acquired her business card to check into classes. My sister-in-law told me that my niece had learned everything they could figure out on their own and she had wished she could find a way to teach her something new. She made a simple wish and she’s not a law of attraction practitioner, but Voila, her daughter got a free lesson a from a professional hula hoop performer. If you’re wondering what a professional hula hooper does, here’s a video:

Four fun stories, in just a few weeks time, of setting it and forgetting it. I’d love to hear if you’ve used the set it and forget it formula and what results you’ve experienced. To prove it, I’m giving away one of my Angel Card readings (see service page) to one of my commenters during the month of April. I’ll put everyone’s name in and choose a winner to be announced here around May 1st. Then I’ll email the winner with the details if I have access to their e-mail or you can check back here around the first and e-mail me if you’re the winner.

Love and Alchemy,


  • Fel (@FelsGotSwag) says:

    I love his michelle! Honestly, setting it and forgetting it works ALL THE TIME for me. But i’m working on practicing that for things I want really badly. Let it go, let it go, let it go 🙂 xx

  • Nina Rao says:

    I love your magic touch intentions Michelle! It’s those light intentions that come the fastest, the ones you have no grip on. I’m so amazed that I can barely think something and in the next couple of days it’s here.
    Just yesterday two of my intentions were manifested.

    1) I was reading a couple of days ago how good reflexology was for you. Living in a small Ecuadorian town, it’s not always easy to find what you want. I’ve lived here two years and haven’t heard of anyone doing reflexology. So I just lightly said to myself that I wished someone here offered reflexology and let it go and forgot about it. Really, it was just a passing thought. Two days later, my husband and I walked into town and went to a newly opened restaurant. As we sat waiting for our meal, my husband looked out the door and read a sign across the street that offered massage, colonics, facials, and more, including reflexology! I couldn’t believe it. I went in to talk to the owner and she said she had just opened a few months earlier. I had never seen this place. And get this, the 45 minute reflexology session only costs $10!

    2) We needed to pick up a renewed passport in a city about 10 hours away, but didn’t really want to make the trip, so we had posted on a FB group if anyone in town was going to the U.S. Consulate and if so, would they mind picking up the passport. Someone posted that someone else was going the following day. We didn’t see the post until the next day, meaning they would have already left by then. I just knew it was a lost cause, because usually if people are going to the Consulate, they go early that morning to get there in the afternoon. I felt into my frustration and felt a little better, then I thought that this must have turned out this way for a reason, knowing everything would turn out fine. I lightly thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if they hadn’t left yet and we could somehow contact them, even though we didn’t know who they were?”

    My husband and I decided to walk into town and have lunch. We went a different way than usual and we accidentally found the people who were supposed to be going to the Consulate. They were leaving that night and said they’d be happy to pick up our passport!
    I love it when that happens!

    To me it really feels like magic when we can almost unconsciously think something and it comes quickly. The Universe/God really does want to give us our heart’s desires!

    Hugs, Nina

    • Michelle Dobbins says:

      Nina, Thanks for sharing these stories! I know it is so fun! I just realized that I almost missed one. I had taken out my kid’s summer clothes and none of the girls clothes it fit. I was thinking I wish we had some sommer clothers for them. My friend has two daughter’s, who are slightly older than mine. She brought me all of their clothes from last summer and winter. They were the perfect sizes, some of them still had tags on them and they were my daughter’s favorite brands. All I had to do was help the girls hang them in their closets and they were thrilled. 🙂

  • Joy says:

    I *love* this. My kids and I have a fun time manifesting together…we are always so surprised when it happens as quickly and easily as you shared here. Like Fel mentioned above, for me the challenge is sometimes if my mind tells me a request is “bigger” (meaning less possible?) than another–my son reminds me it is all energy, and he has no doubt whatever it is will be placed. Thank you for the reminder!

    • Michelle Dobbins says:

      Joy, Thanks for sharing! I think when we teach our kids about the law of attraction, we get a double blessing. They know how to create their own reality and they remind us that we can, too. My daughter is always saying “Well, just intend it, Mom.” lol

      I love your blog and site.

  • Exactly what I needed to hear (read: be reminded of). I’m really great at the imagining – but then I just hang on to it. But the letting go is where the fun happens! Thank you, Michelle!

  • using the law of attraction says:

    using the law of attraction…

    Magic Manifesting Formula 1– Set It and Forget It…

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    View more information regarding using the law of attraction…

    Magic Manifesting Formula 1– Set It and Forget It…

  • Christina says:

    I love it when passing thoughts manifest this way. two years ago when we moved to our current town we drove through the historic district and I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to live in one of these old houses in the historic district? I never imagined it would happen, but we needed to move from our other rental home and I found a house for rent in the historic district. we’ve lived there now for just over a year. I was also just saying I needed a couple more camisoles to wear under my work tops. I went to visit my mom and she gave me some clothes – including 2 camisoles. It always amazes me when this happens.

    • Michelle Dobbins says:

      Christina, I love it, too! It reminds me that we don’t have to figure out the “hows” of what we want. We just set out intentions and the magic happens. It’s when we worry about it or try to figure out “how” that the process gets complicated. 🙂

  • Vedrana says:

    I just love that I found out for this blog!
    I love LOA! In high school I was really depressed and unhappy than I got in touch with this Law. Needless to say, my life was transformed, I got in University I wanted, I was 3rd on the list and I even got scholarship out of nowhere (it wasn’t even my affirmation).

    Throughout day I use affirmation very successfully for small things and it always work.
    I always feel like it’s magic, I’m glade I found someone who is sharing this thought with me 🙂 The key for me is to be always focused on good things, on progress, on solutions, this way I don’t even consider difficult situations as problems but rather I’m focused on solution and good stuff.

    I also use affirmation very often: everything’s happening for my highest good. This helps me realize that everything’s always gonna be okay, maybe I cannot see it from my point of view but at the end it really is the best for me.

    I’m still working on my life transformation, I have so many dreams and wishes..
    And I’m so excited, I’m looking forward to accomplish them all.

    Best wishes to you and your lovely family 🙂

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