My Magical Encounters with Santa

      I hope everyone is having a magical Christmas season, if you celebrate it, or are enjoying whatever you do celebrate this time of year. Sometimes I enjoy this time of year and others I get caught up in the crazy of too much going on and too many kids to buy presents for. Three years ago, I had an eye opening experience at Christmas time. I will first say that my husband thinks I’m crazy, but this is a true story.
       I was going to pick up my daughter at her preschool and all the students were in the gym.  I went to her room to get her things since I was early. I was coming out of the classroom into the hallway just as an elderly gentleman walked past. He had white hair, white beard and round belly, but he didn’t really look like Santa. He was wearing gray sweat pants and a red hoody with white t-shirt under it.  He was walking with a cane.  When he walked past me, he glanced at me and smiled.  Here’s the magical part, a surge of energy went through my body that was like sugarplums dancing in my head and every other sweet and lovely thing about Christmas all at once.  It’s very difficult to describe in words but I felt it was the spirit of Santa Claus touching my heart.
       Down the hall was another mother, talking on her cell phone, who had a small boy of around two or three years old with her. The mother was oblivious, but the little boy’s eye’s were huge and he pointed at the man and looked at me and grinned. He knew that man had Santa in him just as I did.  I have no doubt that he felt thing I was feeling. As the man walked on down the hallway,  he laughed and it wasn’t cheesy, but it had a natural “Ho, Ho, Ho” quality to it.
     Was he really Santa? I don’t know. I never saw him before or since. The one thing I know for certain was that he conveyed the spirit of Santa and Christmas to me in an inkling and I smiled for days.  
     I have told this story to my children often after it happened. The funny thing is just a few weeks ago we were sitting in a local restaurant eating and an older gentleman with white hair, a white beard and a round belly stopped at our table. He was wearing blue jean overalls and a red plaid shirt and was not the same man I had saw before. He asked my children if they had been good this year and chatted a little. He asked them if they knew what Santa ate the night before Christmas. He told them it was banana pudding and asked if they knew how he knew.  My youngest said, “Because you are Santa!”  The man replied, “No, but we have dinner together and I help him eat the pudding.” Then, he put his hand on my shoulder and smiled and again I got a zap of Christmas Spirit. It wasn’t as strong as the first time, but it was definitely the same energy. No one else seemed to notice and the man smiled and left.
     I’m intending that anyone who reads this and is open to it will have the same type of wonderful experience that I’ve had.If you have or have already had a similar experience, please share. I’d love to hear about it.  I wish all of you will feel the spirit of Christmas from the top of you head to the tips of your toes and whatever way speaks to your hear. Happy Holidays!

Love and Magic,

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