The Year I Stepped Off My Path

This post was originally sent out to my mailing list on December 17, 2016 but I've decided to share it here to help keep myself accountable and for anyone that might need to read this message. Warning: Adult Language ahead; Greetings, Dear One I've been processing...

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You Are Being Called

You are being called. I'm not telling you something you don't already know. Your heart is calling you to dive deeper into life. To connect with others. To share your gifts. To shine. The question is are you answering the call. If you look around you'll notice a lot of...

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My Magical Life

  • Warning Curse Words Ahead  Lately I curse A lot
  • Sharing more of who I am seemed so scary but
  • I have flamenco !!! Time to dance with my ancestors
  • Just another Magick MondayMonday Raves Whats wonderful in my world
  • Some people never go crazy What truly horrible lives they

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