Unexpected Treasures

Your Infinite Power to be Rich


My grandmother passed away 10 years ago yet she always remains a profound influence on my life.  Last week, I traveled home and I knew I would be going through her house, collecting mementos.  My grandfather, who is 92, recently moved next to my parents so they can better help care for him and they are cleaning out my grandparent’s house. I knew that their house held many treasures that I’d always loved: antique glassware, homemade quilts, grandma’s jewelry, old books, etc.  The most important quality of all these treasures is that they still resonate with her energy.  I knew I didn’t want to take a lot of “stuff,” just a few pieces to remember her and my childhood times with her. Before I went I intended to find something unexpected that would make me feel connected to her.

After she passed away my grandfather showed my little notes of gratitude she had written and stored in little boxes and notebooks, which made me smile, but while going through her old books, I found a totally unexpected treasure that lit up my heart. I found the book, Your Infinite Power to Be Rich by Joseph Murphy. It held several newspaper clipping to order his book and many book-marked pages. I was so excited because even thought I wasn’t familiar with Joseph Murphy, once I read the book I found that his style reminds me a lot of the Unity and other spiritual authors from the 1950-60s era. It is a fabulous book that holds lots of truths. I found that he wrote many spiritual books that are still available on Amazon. Most exciting of all, I learned that my grandmother must have held some of the same beliefs I had and I never knew it. I found a few other spiritual books and Jeanne Dixon books, but this was my most unexpected treasure from this trip.

I want to share a few of my favorite quotes from the book with you:

1. Your subconscious mind, which is a storehouse of riches, responds to your sincere thoughts in ways you know not of.

2.The law of attraction attracts to you everything you need, according to the nature of your thought life. Thought rules the world.

3.The creative power in you is unlimited and inexhaustible. Your true wealth is in identifying yourself with the spirit of opulence.

4. You go where your vision is. Hold a mental picture of what you want to accomplish and back it up with feeling, and it will come to pass.

5. Bless others richly, and you will be blessed. The ship that comes home to your brother comes home to you.

-from Your Infinite Power to be Rich by Joseph Murphy

The book is filled with beautiful truths and I would encourage you to check it out.  It is written in biblical language, but you can just focus on the truths it contains if that doesn’t appeal to you.

I’m so thankful for this most wonderful gift from my grandmother and another way that I can feel connected to her. It was a wonderful intention to manifest!

I’d love to hear about any unexpected treasures you’ve uncovered in your life or any comments you may have.

  • I love this, Michelle! I sat on the couch with my Grandmother last night and held her hand and laughed with her. We have similar views on a few things and it feels so good to know she understands me. I love that you’ve discovered this beautiful connection to your Grandmother. Here’s to deep and meaningful family connections.
    Much Love to you!

  • Hello Michelle

    It sounds like you had a beautiful trip. You planned on experiencing magic and you did. I too love the style of teaching those Unity writers of that era had. Reminiscing on those teachers and their writings brings good feelings. Thank you so much for this wonderful post. Peace and Blessings.

  • See how you were meant to find the book, Michelle? It was a blessing.

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