­čĺ¬Resist Magical Perfection­čĺ¬





💪Resist Magical Perfection💪

Do you ever get stuck in the “hows” in your spiritual life?

❓How should I meditate?
❓How do I make a vision board that works?
❓How can I manifest the money I need to now?
❓How do I know if my altar is set up right?
❓How do I chose the right crystal to meditate with?
❓How can I know if I’m on the right path?

Questions can be great for guidance but they need to be magic questions. Magic questions are questions that move you forward:

🌟 How can I let meditation be easy?
🌟 How do I create a vision board that makes me smile whenever I look at it?
🌟 How can I allow more money into my life?
🌟 How can I engage with my altar in a more meaningful way?
🌟 Which crystal feels perfect to meditate with today?
🌟 How wonderful does it feel to trust that I know I’m on the right path for me?
🌟 How can I love myself more?

What’s the difference in these two sets of questions? The first set are fear-based questions. They are questions that assume there is a right way or a wrong way. There’s not. The second are Magic Questions that guide you to listen to your higher self’s answers.

Fear of not being perfect steals our joy.

When I was a little girl I loved coloring books and had quite a collection. One in particular was a Valentine’s Day coloring book and the pictures were so beautiful I couldn’t bring myself to color them because I didn’t know how to make sure that the result would be perfect.

So I never colored in that Valentine book at all. I didn’t trust myself not to mess up so I missed out of the joy of creating.

But what If instead of asking myself how I could make sure my final product would be beautiful I asked myself how I could enjoy the experience of coloring in the book or how I could choose my favorite colors to use in the book?

I was nine and didn’t have this level of thinking so I just dreamed of the pages beautifully colored and never put a crayon to the page.

Many years later, I gave the coloring book to my oldest daughter who “oohed” and “ahhed” and then promptly colored every page. At the time, I ached for my 9 year-old self who was too afraid to soak up the joy of the book and simultaneously rejoiced that my own daughter had the confidence to color it with relish.

I pledged to let go of perfection and take action but I caught myself getting mired in the “hows” again recently. I decided I need to move all my content to a different platform and got mired in the details and the tech crazy. I realized I’d stopped being present at Daily Alchemy because I was trying to deal with making the behind the scenes perfect when it was actually working mostly perfect now.

Once I changed my mindset and decided to be open to the easiest, quickest fix, one that I hadn’t known about before appeared. It was there all along but I couldn’t see it because of my perspective.

My new Magic Question is how can I support you (and me) in asking the questions and taking the actions that give us real Daily Alchemy experiences. And the muses have given answers, as they always do when we take the time to listen!

So I’m unveiling a new one-on-one Unlimited Alchemy Audio Coaching program on Wednesday. so watch for me email because there will only be a few spots available.

I’m, also, going to be re-opening the Gold Life Lab in the coming weeks and will be on a new format for my podcast. I’m so excited to ditch perfection again and jump into aligned action.

Here’s my magic questions for you today:

What actions feel aligned with my highest good today? Listen too your answers and take the action and don’t forget to tel me all about it.

Now where are my crayons?

Namaste & Slightly Imperfect but Soul Aligned Hugs,