🔥Open Letter to My Darling Alchemists🔥

Female sorcerer with blue magic coming from her hand on a gradient black background.

🔥Open Letter to My Darling Alchemists🔥

An open letter to my darling alchemists:

Some of the things I know about you:

You know that there’s more to life than meets the eye

You know that most people are sleepwalking through life,
yes, sometimes, even you

You know manifesting is about more than red Lamborghini’s and vacation homes

You know that it is crucial that we wake up and remember that we create our reality

And you know it will all happen whether you participate or not
But you can feel how juicy delicious it could be if we all put all our chips on the table
For this spectacular hand

I know that sometimes you care that other people think your weird

Sometimes you censor the unicorn emojis coming from your soul because you just don’t know if people can handle all of you

Sometimes you backspace on your comments and your texts in case people wouldn’t like you any more

Sometimes you hide and sometimes you just don’t know if your magick is real

and yet, by some strange paradox,
you are also certain,at the same time, that your magick is real as fuck

The world is waiting, lovely alchemist,

It will go on whether or not you decide to grace it with your full presence

But, honey, you have magick dripping from you fingers,

Oozing out of your pores,

Don’t be so stingy,

You know what you are called to do

You may tell yourself, you don’t know your purpose
but you absolutely do

You may tell yourself you are not necessary
but, my lovely, you absolutely are

We need you,
And yet if you don’t come out and play this go round,

There’ll be another chance
but it won’t be this one.
This one is your one shot to be alive right now

There are lots of bodies in the cemetery that never lived

—don’t be one

Please, lovely, breathe and listen to your soul—

You came here to live

Do not let “them” keep you from it—

“They” are just the same as you—running from who they are—

It’s easy to step back from life and laugh and snicker at people.

Judge others as wrong or weird

BUT that’s not living—

AND worrying about what those people think, honey, that’s not living either.

It’s a game of pick your poison

A. Don’t live because you don’t want to be judged for being different

B. Sit around and judge people instead of living

It’s a game in which we all die unfulfilled
but you do not have to play

Get quiet and listen to that still, small voice inside you

Then, do what is says

It really is that easy

Do the scary thing

🔥Make the call
🔥Write the book
🔥Kiss the boy
🔥Quit the job
🔥Make the move

You know what the next thing is

So do it
And transform into who you already are

So many damned paradoxes

You don’t need to do magick,
You are magick

Hugs from One Magical Alchemist to Another,