Ten World Changing Questions for 2016

I’m a big believer in the power of positive questions. I share a Magic Question daily. It’s one of the techniques I use to give my mind something productive to do. The mind likes to figure things out. It’s what it does. When we give it something good to think about like “How can I add more joy to my life?” the mind can be our best ally.


Jeannette Maw’s post of the Top Ten Joys got me wondering about the top 10 positive questions we could ask in 2016. Let’s face it, lots of people ask “what if” questions that aren’t leading our minds anywhere good. What if instead we focused on asking questions that could improve our planet?


Here are my Ten World Changing Questions for 2016:


Why is there so much love in the world?


Why do so many people seem to care and get involved?


Why are there so many good politicians?


Why is employment up?


Why is the economy so good?


Why are so many people focused on the positive?


Why are so many people healthy and full of energy?


Why is the education system so innovate and child-centered with wonderful results?


How wonderful is it to see people sincerely caring about our planet and focusing on solutions?


Why is there so much peace in the world?


I’m sure we can think of hundreds more world changing questions. I’d love to hear what’ you’d add to the list.