3 Magical Ways to Act like a Kid

act like a kidI recently wrote a post about some of the reasons we should treat ourselves like children, and I realized that we also might want to act like kids sometimes, too!

Kids are free-spirited and for the most part they are able to feel their emotions and let them go. They live in a wonder-filled, magical world until adults train them out of it. Just because we adults don’t enter that world very much, doesn’t mean it isn’t there and we don’t have access to it. We just need to practice our childlike innocence and the doors will open back up for us. Believe it our not, acting like a kid is one of the best manifesting techniques I’ve discovered.

Anything is possible for children. They don’t have the preconceived notions that most adults do about what we can and cannot achieve. If you doubt this check out How this 6-year-old manifested a job working for the governor of Washington.

Three Magical Ways to Act Like a Kid:

1. Have a Tantrum: Watching a tantrum is never fun and I’m not suggesting you have one at work or (heaven forbid) Wal-mart, but a good old-fashioned tantrum can get all those pent-up emotions out. It’s best when we feel emotions as they come along but even then some emotions are quite powerful and can throw us for a temporary loop. If we can get away by ourselves and throw things, scream, cry, pound on our pillow and then take a nice nap, we often wake up feeling a lot better. And feeling better is the name of the game. As long as we are wallowing in low energy, we are stuck. So go ahead, pitch a fit once in while when you need to.

2. Enter the Land of Imagination: Many children have easy conversations with angels, fairies, and unicorns. They pretend to be whatever feels fun to be that day whether it’s an astronaut princess or a traveling treasure hunter. As adults we don’t do that so much. We don’t want to be viewed as odd by the rest of society. I’ve found pretending to be the person I want to become is one of the best ways of getting to be her. I have always talked to angels and I’m certain I’ve seen Santa Claus and maybe a fairy. Dragons visit my mediations and give me guidance and assistance. I don’t go around telling everyone about my magical visitors, but they raise my vibration and create miracles in my life, so I’m OK with being a little different from your typical adult. No one has to know your secret anyway. You can walk around pretending to be a best-selling author without saying a word to anyone about it. Once you start living that vibration, you might be surprised by how quickly you become what you are pretending to be.

3. Do Things for the Joy of it: I love to color, paint rocks, or build with blocks with my children. They are still at that stage where the act of coloring, painting, or building is more satisfying than the actual product. They do it for the joy of doing it.  As adults, results get more important to us. Did we complete the project, how did it look, can we sell it and make money? Nothing is wrong with this, but if you first enjoy the creation process just because it’s fun, you add more vibrant energy to your finished product. And if you work doesn’t result in finished product, it still results in a higher vibration for you which is always a wonderful thing.

3.Believe in the Possibilities: Kids don’t know all the reason’s why things can’t happen or won’t work and that’s how they create miracles so easily.  Let go of the stories about why it won’t work and just ask yourself “what if?” This is one of the reasons I love ask myself lots of questions. We create our own reality and we can make new rules and new possibilities just by believing in them.

So go out there and act like a kid this week. I hope it brings you your  most magical week yet!