• Free 3 Day Challenge to Wake Up Your Queen

    Why wake up your Queen Energy? Won’t that make you a diva who expects to be waited on?

    No, actually, the Queen is the part of you with vision and leadership. She’s the goddess who gets stuff done! She makes things happen because she knows what she wants and she owns the energy of being the Queen who has what she wants. She has so many servants because she needs them to help her focus on her biggest job, holding the energy for the kingdom.

    When you step into your Queen Energy, you will uplevel to a new vibration. Once the Queen is freed from the dungeon, she will take charge and conditions in your life will shift rapidly.

    Here’s a little more details on what we’ll do.

    3 Day Challenge to Unlock Your Queen:

    Day 1: Freeing Your Queen: I’ll lead you on a meditation to connect with your Queen and wake her up and set her free. We’ll reconnect with her and put her back in power.

    Day 2: Clearing Your Blocks to Your Queen Energy: We’ll do a a live clearing exercise to clear any old stories and blocks around owning your Queen energy

    Day 3: Activating and Attuning To Your Queen Energy: Now that you have set your queen free and made way for her to create her vision for the Kingdom, we’ll tap even deeper into that vision for your future and attune you to the energy of it.

    To be fully transparent, this challenge will lead to the Unleash Your Queen Course but the challenge is a stand alone mini-course of its own whether or not you decide to dip deeper into how to work with your Awakened Queen Energy.

    The Challenge will run October 4th, 5th and 6th and once you sign up you can join the Free Facebook Group and the pre-work has already dropped!

    Sign Up Here: https://dailyalchemy.com/wake-up-queen/�
    Wake up, Queen!

    Magick & Queenly Hugs,�

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