3 Simple Ways to Raise the Vibration of Your Home (or anywhere you hang out)

peace at home


Our home is our sacred space and for many of us we spend quite a lot of time there.  Another place that a lot of us spend time is at work.  Any place that you spend a good amount of time at you want to feel good in. There are some simple actions we can take to raise the vibration of homes without re-decorating or any major undertaking. That’s why these ideas work great for work as well, because you can do them without moving furniture of changing things in an obvious way.

3 ways to Raise the Vibration of Your Home:

1. Create an Intention Vortex. I do this at my own house but I definitely  do it first thing when I go into the office to work. My husband and I own a heating and cooling business and so it’s not necessarily a spiritually minded environment. I set the intention that our office is filled with love and attracts loving people. I picture the highest good for our employees and our customers. Our business runs very smoothly with few problem customers and I believe my picturing this on a daily basis creates a vibration that attracts the best customers and employees. I do the same thing at my home. When you put love into a place over and over, it builds up int its own vortex of love. This is my favorite way to raise the vibration of a place because you can do it anywhere without anyone else knowing unless you tell them. They’ll probably feel it and maybe wonder why they feel so peaceful, but no one will disapprove or tell you to stop.

2. Mini Feng Shui. Feng Shui encompasses a lot of different ways to direct the energy flow of buildings. It can be very complicated, but I prefer easy-peasy Feng Shui. I do two things to improve the energy of my environment using Feng Shui. The first is to cut the clutter. If I don’t love it and use it, it goes. This frees up so much energy. It’s easy to do, but if you’d like some guidance I recommend the book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. It’s a simple to follow book that I pullout every year or so and every time I release more and more baggage from my home and it feels so good!

The other Feng Shui technique I do uses the Bagua or the energy map. I look at the map and desire what vibration I want to increase. If it is the love vibration, I will take something that stands for love in my mind (a piece of rose quartz, a statue of love birds, a picture of a heart, etc) and place it in the love area of the house, room or even space on my desk. It can be out for others to see, such as a statue or picture or you can hide it. I keep a picture of happy customers under my phone which I put on the career section of my desk. As with everything, the magic is in how much you enjoy it. So if you want to play with this make it fun not work.

3. Add a Pleasant Aroma. I  am partial to essential oils and I love my diffuser. You might like candles, incense, or fresh flowers. Everything has a vibration and for that reason I like natural scents instead of synthetic ones but if it makes you feel good that’s what counts the most. If you want to raise the vibration in a work environment where you have to keep it low-key, you could  keep flowers on your desk, or put a cotton ball with a drop of two of essential oil on it somewhere in or on  your desk. If even that’s too much for your environment, just  keep a bottle of your favorite oil (or other good smell) somewhere that you can grab it for a quick whiff. Even a nice flavored lip balm could work.

I’d love to hear how your raise the vibration of your environment.



  • I love this. I am so ready to beautify my office (where I spend 9 hours a day) and bring some high vibes to my work space.

  • Amy says:

    Great ideas! What type of diffuser for essential oils do you use?

    • I’m a big fan of Young Living essential oils so I use theirs. I like it because it super easy. I just add purified water and a few drops of oil and turn it on and it’s like instant spa. It really can shift the mood of the house quickly

      I’m sure you could search around and find others that are great, too.

  • clorisstock says:

    I write powerful quotes that help me stay centered and true to myself and place them next to my laptop. My favorite is, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change,” by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Thank you, Michelle!

    • Cloris,

      That is a great way to raise the vibration. I have quotes posted around my workspace, too. I even put quotes, prayers, and Reiki symbols written on paper and sealed in the walls of a house my husband I had build. We no longer live there, but I’m sure it still affects the energy of the house.

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