3 Quick & Easy Ways to Manifest Money

Man with Money

I’ve noticed that I don’t post much about money on this site and sometimes I worry that I’ll be judged if I do.  That’s my cue that I need to write a post on money. A lot of spiritual people believe they are not supposed to want money.  I know some people do very well without it, but they are people who believe so strongly in their own prosperity that they manifest what they need without money. Either way, we need certain things in the material world and money is the easiest way to get them, or at least that’s my story.

I’m not a millionaire, yet, but I’ve gone from having eating cereal for every meal and having $40,000 in credit card debt to living a comfortable life with my husband and four kids in wonderful house with a pool, going on vacations, owning rental property and our own business. I’ve learned a good bit about manifesting money on that journey.  Here are three of my favorite easy ways to manifest money:

1. Let Go Of Guilt: If the thought of having money makes you feel guilty, let that go.  We hold money away from us by thinking we don’t deserve it or someone else needs it more.  When you manifest money you are not taking it away from anyone else and it’s a whole lot easy to help others when you have money.  Since my husband and I increased our income we’ve been able to give over 50 people jobs at one time or another. We were able to help our family and friends and donate money to our kids schools and other charities that we believe in. You can do a lot when you have money, too. When we can pay our bills we help keep the economy going. Make a list of all the postive aspects of having money

2. Stop Talking Trash About Rich People: This is another biggie. If you think badly of people who have money then how can you attract money?  Instead, look at the ways wealthy people help society.  Many give to charities, create products and services that help society, and  pay a lot of the tax burden.  If nothing else, the money they spend boosts the economy and helps create jobs for others. Read some biographies of wealthy people, who have created enormous good on our planet. It’s not the only way to create change, but it’s a valid way. Warren Buffet enjoys making money and he gives a ton of it away and encourages other wealthy people to do the same. Maybe he’s not Mother Teresa, but he uses money to make a positive impact on the world and he’s not the only one.

3. Give Some Away: Giving money away tells the Universe you believe you have more than enough and that signals law of attraction to make it true.  I’ve always found that when I give away money or stuff, my prosperity gets the flow going again.  Setting up regular giving has worked for me, but when I need a boost I give more. You always have something to give. If you truly have no money or possessions, give of yourself. There is more than one reason many churches advocate tithing, it not only supports the church but it increases the wealth of their members who do it. You don’t have to be religious to tithe, give to the place that nourishes your spirit or a favorite charity.  The biggest rule about tithing or giving away money is you need to feel good about it.  If it makes you feel fearful or anxious to give money away, wait until you can feel better about it. Give with a cheerful heart and the universe will give back to you.

Bonus: If you are all tangled up about money and can’t get to a good feeling place, say a mantra or affirmation to change your thoughts.  Something as simple as “I am rich” or “I am making a more money every day.”  Make sure it feels good to you.  You could try the Buddhist Magic Money Mantra. Just listen or chant along 108 times and see what happens.

There’s lots of fun ways to shift your thinking around money.  This is just a start.  I’d love to hear fun ways you’ve manifested money or any comments you may have. To prove it, I’m giving away a Facebook “manifesting plan” to one of my commenters during the month of August. I’ll put everyone’s name in random.org and choose a winner to be announced here around Sept 1st. Then I’ll email the winner with the details if I have access to their e-mail or you can check back here around the first and message me on my Facebook page. Once you tell me what you want to create, I’ll create a personal manifesting plan for you and we’ll make sure it feels good to you.

Transforming Through Love and Joy,

Michelle Martin Dobbins

  • Great post, Michelle! Money is one of my favorite topics, and I wish we could all talk about it more. Also, many thanks for the Buddhist money mantra.

    If you’re feeling particularly bad about your financial situation, you might consider starting with the affirmation: “I get everything I need,” or even “God(dess/s)/The Universe/Life/(insert what you like) is abundant.” Just like you don’t run your fastest on the first day you start working out, it may be helpful to work up to “I am rich” if it doesn’t feel good to say it right now.

  • Zee Phakathi says:

    Hi Michelle

    what can i do to get out of my situation, i am always broke, month end is the worst for me when everyone else enjoys their salaries. i know i have lots of responsibilities but i feel there should still be a little for me to go by.

    please advise me if there is a way of handling the money bertter.

    • Zee,

      I would work a lot with being thankful for the bills I can pay and the money I do have. I know it’s hard not to worry about money when you don’t have it much but trying to relax and know your situation can change in an instant. When I had this situation, I used to make lists of things that could happen that would change my money situation, no matter how crazy. I would say Visa might call and say I won a contest to have my debt canceled or my parents might give me some money. An thing I could think that let me lighten up about it. Then, I just paid down my debt as I had the money and it went a lot faster than I thought. Blessings to you!

  • Great post Michelle. Something told me to read your blog today. Your words go right along with a recent lesson in my life, particularly in the area of letting go of the guilt. I have a good life now financially, but at times I can have guilt when I think about pursuing more money. So your post was right on time for me. It reminds me of one of my teacher’s sayings “even if you need a million dollars, go out and get it, just remember to repeat your mantra. Peace and Blessings

  • Laura S says:

    Great reminders, Michelle- thanks for the post. I feel like I get a positive charge after reading your posts 🙂

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