Leonie Dawson Interview: How to Shine in 2016

Wouldn’t it feel great to look back on 2016 and feel joy at all that you’ve accomplished? This can be the year that you start experiencing the big dreams on your list. And if you don’t have a list, it’s definitely the year to create one. Leonie Dawson can help. She’s help ten of thousands of people get productive and succeed in achieving their goals

Leonie’s a hugely successful creative powerhouse who’s also a mama + really honours work-life balance (AND who’s created her own two million dollar a year company in the space of a few hours a day). What’s more, she’s heart-centered, honest, a bit of a swear bear (okay, a LOT of a swear bear!) and a total open book about what works and what doesn’t in her own life. Over the last seven years, thousands of women have used her goals workbooks with the most amazing results. I’m so excited to share the recording with you.

How to Shine in 2016 with Leonie Dawson:

In this interview, Leonie shares:

• Why it’s important to close out the old year
• How easy-to-do smart goals can make a huge difference
• How your goal work creates personal growth
• What to do if your spouse or significant other is not into goals
• How to face your fears about going for your goals
• An amazing technique to connect more with your children that can be modified for other relationships
• How and when to ride the wild donkey to get sh** done
• How to complete your life & biz workbooks without getting overwhelmed
• The most important thing to do to ensure you meet your goals in 2016 and more!

It’s just a little over an hour of Leonie’s magic and so worth the time. I recommend you listen with a pen and pad and take notes. In fact, I recommend you follow Leonie’s tip of using a red marker and writing a big A for Action and circling it in your notes every time you write down an action item from the interview. Then, take those actions. Start implementing them in the next 2 weeks and you’ll see changes. You don’t need to use her workbooks and planners to implement the ideas she shares. They are great tools but not necessary.

One warning: Leonie loves to use salty language. She occasionally drops the F-bomb and other curse words but she does so in a light-hearted way that’s not distracting from the content she is sharing. Here’s the link to listen via Youtube:

You can also listen on:




Here’s to a fabulous 2015!