I can’t believe I withheld this from myself
Have you ever had a tiny thing create a big aha in an instant?
A trip to the bathroom revealed that I have some more work to do around self-care and abundance.
I am embarrassed to say I teach classes on both of these topics and I thought I was pretty darn good at receiving and using the abundance that I have.
I light candles or incense daily. I take time to savor my tea and journal and meditate. I even cut out sugar in an act of self care. I can’t believe I was missing this big self-care flag.
Such a simple thing that I withheld from myself. While traveling, when we stopped for a bathroom break, As I jumped in to wash my hands after my daughter, I noticed that she had been washing her hands with nice warm water. It felt delicious especially after walking from the car in freezing temperatures.
Then, it hit me. I never attempt to was my hands with warm water. I just turn on the cold and do what I need to do. Even at home.
Part of me thought this wasn’t important.
Who cares? I’m saving water—yeah, I tested this and most sinks start sending out warm water by the time I could count to two.
Such a simple pleasure. Hot water to wash my hands in and I was denying myself it.
Why? Because my hands weren’t worthy of 2 seconds?
Warm, safe, running water is a luxury that many in the world lack and yet I was not indulging in this simple gift. It feels ungrateful that I wouldn’t take advantage of the gift freely there for my use.
I pondered how many other simple gifts do I leave off my radar?
When my kids where little, I’d always check the water and make it warm and comfortable for them to wash their hands. I will now take care of myself, too.
I’ll let the water get warm and I’ll even massage my hands with a dab of organic lotion when I’m done.
Seemingly little acts can be overlooked because we lack a deeper self love. Should we beat ourselves up for these faux pas? Of course not!
The simple fix is to look out for abundance that is already in your life that you aren’t indulging in. Most of us are far more abundance than we believe ourselves to be.
Do you listen to your favorite music that you have downloaded?
Do you use the body care products that you’ve purchased?
Do you light your candles?
Do you take time to enjoy the nature that surrounds your home or nearby places?
Do you cook meals from the cookbooks you own?
Do you take advantage of the free resources on the internet? Free meditations, learning videos, etc. are there for the taking.
Do you take time to play games you’ve purchased?
Most of all, do you intentionally focus on giving yourself at least 3 acts of self love daily?
If you struggle with this or just haven’t had it on your radar, download the free Daily Love List in the Freebie vault and track your acts of self love and then, add in acts of love for others, too. Just sign up for the  Freebie Vault and download.
We deserve to give ourselves plenty of love and care.
Namaste & Hugs,
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