A Prescription for Healing the Earth

Many of us worry about the planet. We worry about global warming. We worry about over-population. We worry about disease. We worry about our children and grandchildren’s future. I totally understand those concerns but we as Magical Life Alchemists know that worry is not where our power lies. Heal the Earth

Nope, solutions are where we want to focus. Not fear. I often visualize Mother Earth enveloped in love vibrations as part of my mediations but I was recently inspired by Jeannette’s Maws’ post, How to Manifest a Miracle for Someone Else. If we can manifest for other people, why not Mother Earth.

I have a habit of sitting outside almost every day and soaking up the healing vibrations from the Earth. I began to wonder what would happen if I sat outside and sent healing vibrations to the planet as well as received from the Earth? What difference could that make?

What if I visualized the Earth as healed and healthy? What if I visualized harmony between animals and nature? What if  I visualized clean rivers, oceans, and seas? What if I visualized the polar caps growing in size the where they used to be a few years ago? What if I visualized the planet knowing how to heal herself to make it a better place for herself and her inhabitants? What if I visualized lots of other people doing the same? What if I visualized easy solutions to our most pressing environmental concerns?

What if other people joined me in sending love to our planet and visualized it’s healing? 

What could happen? I’m not saying that action isn’t necessary to repair damage to our planet. I’m saying inspired action born from love is so much more powerful and effective than fear-based action.

Who’s with me? How many of us are willing to take a few minutes a day to contribute to the health of our planet? Doing this process will also raise your own vibration. It’s a win-win. To those who say that we don’t have enough people willing to make a difference, remember Abraham-Hicks said that one high vibration person can make more of a difference than millions of low vibration people.

For your inspiration, this is already happening:

A plan to clean the oceans from a 20-year-old

Animals saved from extinction 

Ecuador beats world record for most trees planted in one day.

Scientist’s create “smog eating” concrete

Ocean currents could be used to power homes

These stories are real and there are thousands more stories out there about people finding solutions to save our planet.

I would love to have you join me and send out love to our planet and beyond and see what magic we can weave. We might come up with some innovate solutions ourselves or set up the love vibrations to inspire others to create new ways to improve life on Earth. Let’s focus on positive solutions for our mother and start healing the Earth.