A Spell For Venus Day

A Love Spell for Venus Day:

Don’t worry, you needn’t be a witch or an alchemist or any such thing to harness the Magick of language

—of course, all the better if you are,

Today, all day long as you talk to yourself, speak to yourself in over-exaggerated terms of endearment 

Oh, Wise One, would you like coffee? 

Gorgeous Goddess, shall we walk the dogs?

Amazing Adventurer, how wonderful is all this synchrony? 

Knower of all that needs to be known, what is next on our to do list?

Dreamy Doll, let’s eat cake!

Lucious Love muffin, shall we go to bed? 

Speak to yourself with such love and admiration that your subconscious will know it is adored and Magick shall abound! 

And so it is!

Live Magickally!



P. S. My Radiant Magician, Venus rules Friday but there’s no reason not to chant this spell each and every day of the week!

P.P.S. Please share you favorite terms of endearment for yourself in the comments! I need some new ideas-alliterations not necessary 😂