About Affiliates

What are Affiliate Programs?

An affiliate program is when a person is paid a referral fee or percentage of sales if their reader makes a purchase through a link on their site (or in an e-mail) from the company the writer is an affiliate of. Ok, so that’s probably as clear as mud. Basically, Daily Alchemy is an affiliate for Amazon and if you click on an Amazon link from this site and buy a book, then Daily Alchemy will earn a percentage of the sale for sending you to site.


By law in the US, affiliates have to disclose the fact that they are affiliates for companies and that they may be compensated if you purchase through their link. I have found that often times, it’s distracts to put affiliate link behind every link and it should show up in the link when you click it.

My Readers Matter to Me

I’m really funny about what I put on this blog. I get lots of requests to review books or programs and to promote all kinds of things. I usually pass. I will promote only things I love. If I don’t love it and I didn’t read it or don’t use it, I will not promote it. Period.

I wanted to put up this page, so if you ever question if I’m an affiliate for something you can check.  I promote lots of books, blogs, and programs just simply because I love them and I’m not an affiliate for them.  Some, program and business I love have affiliate programs that I participate in because they are products I would promote anyway.

Businesses I am an Affiliate For:

Here is a list of the business I am currently an affiliate for. I will keep this list updated so you can always go here and check if you want to know.


Think what you want about Amazon, I love them. I buy tons of stuff from them every year, because I don’t want to leave the house to shop. Don’t get me wrong, I love to support small local business and I do so whenever I can, but if I was going to buy it a Wal-Mart or some other big chain anyway, I’m buying it from Amazon with free 2-day shipping through Prime.

Or in legal speak terms:

Michelle Martin Dobbins  is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

Jeanette Maw’s Good Vibe University

daily alchemy

I have been a client of Jeanette Maw’s for over 7 years, even before she started this university. I am a member of the University and the Master’s Circle. I love the university, there are so money wonderful coaches and people there. It is a wonderful like-minded law of attraction community.

Vibes Up

Vibes Up sells grounding, EFM And Vibrational Therapy tools. Straight up, I just love the way their products feel to me. I’m a feeler. It’s how I get my information about whats up in the world and these precasts give me energy, high vibes and blissful feeling so I’m all in. I have tone of their products in my home but my two favorites are their Vibes Up Flip-Flops. They are a love fest for your feet! And their Nature’s Vibe Bra with crystal inserts. I’ve had some thermograms with areas of concern so I give my breasts extra love and support any way I can and these bras are comfortable and awesome.

Vibes Up Flip-Flops
Hybicus Moon

hybicus moon

Hibiscus Moon Crystal AcademyHibiscus is the go-to-girl if you want to learn about crystals. I adore crystals and I’m completed  her Crystal Healer Academy and added that certification on to my Reiki Practice. I am currently enrolled in her Advanced Crystal Master course and loving it. Her courses are certified and she teaches “best practices” plus they are fun and you will learn so much about crystals! I’ve also worked with some of her other eKits and loved them all, especially the Crystal Grids Template Package and the Attract Abundance and Prosperity with Crystal kits.