Michelle Martin Dobbins

About Me

Michelle Martin Dobbins

Something you should know—I’m the weird kid who became the weird adult.

I’ve always been fascinated by and engaged in connecting with the mysterious, strange, metaphysical and other worldly—the occult.

Also, I believe I create my own reality— the law of attraction or more specifically, spiritual alchemy

but I mix both together kind of like a metaphysical Reese’s cup—

law of attraction and occult ritual-two great tastes that go great together (I, also, really like chocolate and peanut butter, too)

Can you them practice separately? Absolutely, but if you are a broke magician who thinks law of attraction is bunk or an LOA practitioner who thinks occult rituals are scary and possibly evil...

Click away now. Go on, there’s nothing to see here.

the alchemist book online

The best LOA practitioners I know call in spirit whether they know it or not.

The best magicians I know use deliberate creation whether they know it or not.

At Daily Alchemy, I mix them both together in a big old iron cauldron, with a few other secret ingredients, to transform my world and walk with you as you transform yours.

My mission is to help you remember that you are Magick and to unleash your Magick in your Daily Life for the benefit of us all.