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Michelle Martin Dobbins

Michelle Martin Dobbins with a goat picA vortex of positive energy, believer in alchemy and the law of attraction, and an advocate of positive thoughts to transform your life into a fun, manifesting adventure.

Because that’s what my life is—love, magic, and creation every day. And I’ve learned a secret, one that I love to share with my readers every time I write:

The way to getting everything you want is to let go and live.

Remember what it feels like to relax and do the things you love? And then discover, to your delight, that everything you’ve been dreaming of or wanting appears before your eyes?

It really is that easy. In some of my own experiments, I’ve manifested hundreds of white feathers, and purple ones, too. I’ve written stories about what I wanted that actually came true. I’ve created a life I adore with my husband and my four kids. I love that I always have time to spend with them. I enjoy every day and there’s always new creations in the works for me. Right now, I’m enjoying all that Daily Alchemy is becoming, writing novels, and so much more! But I don’t spend time waiting for anything to happen. I know I have a life to live and I do everything I can to enjoy and experience it all.

Because I believe that your true purpose is to do what makes you feel good.

It’s not about finding your calling. Life isn’t a test.

It’s supposed to be fun!

And this is a choice we can make, every single day.

This is what Daily Alchemy is about. I give you tips to attract what you want into your life. I remind you that joy is at your fingertips. And I give you all the proof from experiences in my own life—because some of it is surreal, and some of it really does feel like magic. And I want you to have some of it, too.

So take a look around: Enjoy my raves and my magic questions and uplifting posts on Twitter and Facebook. Hang out with me on Instagram and share pictures with me. Take what you love, and leave what you don’t. I don’t like labels much because my relationship with God and the universe is very personal, but most of my thought would appeal to those who like Unity School of Christianity and Law of Attraction. Truth is truth and you don’t have to believe the same things I do to get results from the processes I share.

If you want to play in the creative energy with me, that’s wonderful, and if you need a little more support, there’s some options for that, too. So let’s let go, live, and manifest our dreams. And send peace and love to every part of us—because that’s where all the fun begins.


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