Acceptance By Cary David Richards

AcceptanceI recently connected online with Cary David Richards and I’m excited about his upcoming book and the knowledge he has to share.  He has graciously agreed to do a guest post here and he is sharing with about one of those law of attraction topics that get us tripped up if we don’t practice it: acceptance.  Here’s Cary:

Acceptance is elemental to the law of attraction:

There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying
about things which are beyond the power of our will.
– Epictetus

You will hear me talk a lot about taking action in my books and blog posts. Acceptance is the other side of that coin. I believe you need to have both to fully partake of the universal abundance that is all around us.

Acceptance is one of the keys to our ability to be in the moment. After all, being fully in the moment and not tormenting yourself about things in the past or conversely, either longing for or dreading things that lay ahead of you is where you will gain access to the peace and serenity most of us seek and as icing on the cake, be able to more fully access what is known as the law of attraction.

The capacity to truly be in the present creates a channel for the flow of energy from the universal field of possibility directly to you. This is where the “Law of Attraction” thrives.

Resistance seems to be a default emotion in many of us. Most of us have a propensity to believe that if we exert enough emotional resistance against something it will keep it apart from us. Or if we confront the negative things in life they will not happen. This is one of the ambiguities of being human.

The more you can honestly accept “what is” without prejudice or contention the more you’ll be able to clearly see the correct path ahead. The more serenity and peace you will create and the more the universe is able to draw the things you want to you.

By choosing acceptance, and make no mistake, it is a choice. You are creating circumstances where fear, anger and frustration cannot prosper. By consciously following a path towards good, positive feelings, which is where the path of acceptance will naturally lead, you will align yourself with the vibrations in the universal field of possibilities that will draw the things you want to you. You will be on the proper “frequency”, if you will.

Let’s discuss vibrations for a minute;

I used to think that people who talked about “good vibrations” where empty-headed “hippies” who got lost in the 60’s and were not based in “reality”. I wanted my knowledge to be actionable. I wanted it to be “Real”. (I wasn’t being very accepting was I?)

Scientists and quantum physicists have made some pretty remarkable discoveries over the last few years regarding the makeup of matter and physical reality in our universe. Take String Theory for example.

The scope of this article does not allow the full examination of this topic but the Cliff Notes version is that Physicists have been working on a thing called string theory for around 10 or 12 years now. Some call it the “Theory of everything”. The theory postulates that at its most fundamental or quantum level, everything in the universe, you, me, trees, mountains, the air we breathe, all the way to the Sun, Moon and the stars in the milky way galaxy is made up of infinitesimally small vibrating membranes or “Strings” of energy.

The frequency of vibration of these subatomic “strings” is what creates either a quark, or a boson or whatever sub atomic particle you wish to name, each one vibrating at a different frequency. These subatomic particles are of course what atoms are made of. How atoms are constructed is what makes something a tree or a rock or a human being. So as you can see at its most fundamental core the universe is all about vibrations.

The ancient mystics and the hipsters from the 60’s were actually on to something.

Practicing acceptance is one of the principal ways we are able to align our thoughts in such a way as to be on the same vibratory frequency with what popular culture has labeled the Law of Attraction.

I find that it doesn’t do a lot of good to sit around and wonder how it all works. I just know that if I can practice acceptance on a moment to moment basis throughout the day that things will fall into place better. People seem to relate to me in a more friendly and accepting manor. (Like attracts like) My stress is reduced and I’m able to attract the things that I want in a more effortless manor.

Cary David RichardsCary’s Bio: Author, entrepreneur, coach, Seeker of truth. Cary David Richards has made it his mission to bring high quality, down to earth, actionable methods and strategies to the concept of the Law of Attraction. His career as a corporate sales professional gave him the perfect training ground to test and perfect his theories and ideas. Now, his years of research and study are being brought forth and offered to you in the hopes of being able to clarify some of the misconceptions common to the theory of the universal law that is at work in our lives on a daily basis.

Born and raised in the northwestern United Sates Cary and his wife Jeannie live in the West Seattle area and have five beautiful children between them. They are currently attempting to spoil three grand children rotten. When not writing Cary spends time working on his internet affiliate marketing business and driving vintage race cars

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