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Adventures in Alchemy Podcast

with Michelle Martin Dobbins

Helping You Create Magick & Re-Enchant Your Life

Tips, techniques, and true stories to support you in using magick, witchcraft, and alchemy to right wrongs, heal generational wounds, create synchronicity and re-enchant your world.  I'll share my successes and failures and give you practical techniques to incorporate alchemy into your life in a way that works. Also, charing interviews of other Magickal peeps and their practices and results.

Episode 210: Real People, Real Magick: Laura Diane Soer of Into the Moonhouse
Shownotes: Laura is a spiritual life coach, teacher and healer with almost 25 years experience, and she loves to assist[...]
Episode 208: Real People, Real Magick: Mela Borawski of 3 Rays of Light
  Mela is a 48-year-old mother and wife, born and raised in the deep south. She has lived in South[...]
Episode 207: Three Signs of Alignment
Often times, people look at their mood, their happiness level, as to whether or not they’re aligned with the goals[...]
Episode 206: How to Meditate when You Are Stressed
Life in the modern world can be stressful and 2020 is over the top. Meditation is a great way to[...]
Episode 205: Low Magick Vs High Magic
What is the difference between low magick and high magick? Which should you use for specific outcomes and what are[...]
Episode 204: How to Have a Safe & Legal Mystical Plant Experience
The whys & hows of connecting and working with plant allies. Here are my four steps for having a Mystical[...]