The “And What Else is Wonderful” Game

And "what Else is Wonderful?'
I am in Italy!!!! I’m waiting for the bus to take us to the boat to Venice as we speak, so life is wonderful. However, as any of you who have traveled with children know, tired kids aren’t always happy kids. Actually, I’ve been super impressed how well they are doing. Everyone was a trooper during all the flights to get here.

Still, jet lag isn’t always pretty! In those moments where someone is less than happy, I’ve learned its best to support their feelings and let them be. Also, “guilting” someone into being happy, ie. “I would have loved to travel to Italy when I was a child” does not work.
So I’ve invented a new game to keep me focused on my happiness. I call it the “And What Else is Wonderful?” Game.
Here’s how it works:
1. Start with one thing that is wonderful. Right now, for me, I’m in Italy!!!  You can always start with “I’m alive” if you need to or whatever is an easy, wonderful thought in the moment.
2. Then continue to ask yourself what else is wonderful.
3. Continue until you have come up with as many answers as you can or you’ve achieved a total sense of bliss.
4. The goal is not to beat your record number of answers but achieve a state of appreciation and happiness.
Here’s how I looked for me this morning:
What is wonderful?
I am in Italy!!!
And what else is wonderful?
It’s fun seeing all the differences in the hotel  rooms
And what else is wonderful?
Our guides are wonderful and speak fabulous English
And what else is wonderful?
Our kids are making friends with other homeschooled children 
And what else is wonderful?
Italian food
And what else is wonderful?
Feeling the energy and vibrations in ancient cities
And what else is wonderful?
Beautiful architecture 
And what else is wonderful?
And what else is wonderful?
Hot running water 
And what else is wonderful?
Comfortable bus seats
Admittedly, this is easy to do when your on vacation, but sometimes even on vacation when you are traveling with 4 kids who have slept nil in the past 3 days and you are standing in line for the Uffizi Museum in bone-chilling wind, you need to focus on what’s wonderful.
So start where you are, even if your answer to “What’s wonderful?” is “I’m breathing.” Then, keep going. Notice what’s wonderful and create a wonderful day!