Are you cutting you manifesting in half?

How much are we letting in? When we want things do we hold them at bay just by ignoring the resources that we have? Or do we selectively do what feels right to us?  Do we cut our manifesting in half by not using what we have already manifested to create more?

Scissor cutting white paper

I recently noticed that every time I needed to write a note or a list, I took a piece of 8 1/2  by 11 copy paper and  cut or folded it in half. I guess that smaller size is just more comfortable to me. However, I was left with half as much paper than what was available to me.  It made me wonder, am I cutting in half my resources in other areas as well? Am  I more comfortable staying small in other areas of my life too? Am I using all that I have been given?  Do I ask my friends, family, and mentors for help?  Do I use the physical resources around me?  What about the manifesting tools that I have?  Do I take time to meditate or create an appreciation list? Do I seek out inspiration on the web and in books? Do I spend my money freely on the things I need and want?

How about you? How much of what the universe has provided do you take advantage of? Do you notice all the blessings that the Universe is trying to hand you? Do you give yourself credit for what you have created?

In truth, we all have way more resources than we can every use.  This is a bountiful universe and sometimes it does benefit us to focus on what feels good and leave some resources untapped to avoid overwhelm.  I would just invite you to be aware how you are choosing to use the resources that you have created in your life. You attracted them already, so take advantage of what you have lined in your life through your vibration.

As for me, I bought a couple pretty notebooks to write my notes on that are the perfect size, so I don’t have to fold them in half and the paper is colorful, so I smile when I use them. I’m, also, taking a look at the other places areas where I might be cutting my manifesting in half and I’m starting to use the “full sheet of paper.”

I’d love to hear how you allow what you’ve already created to manifest more, tips that you use to increase your manifesting, or any other comments. To prove it, I’m giving away one of my Angel Card readings (see service page) to one of my commenters during the month of June. I’ll put everyone’s name in and choose a winner to be announced here around July 1st. Then I’ll email the winner with the details if I have access to their e-mail or you can check back here around the first and e-mail me if you’re the winner.

I meant to mention this earlier.  Sorry for the late notice, but Joy Holland is running Dancing with the Divine Dust: a 30 day photo exploration of infinite possibility.  The last day to register is June 28th, that’s TOMORROW! So don’t delay! It’s beautiful course with lots of freebies embedded from different contributors, including a free audio by yours truly.

Transforming through love and joy,

Michelle Martin Dobbins

  • Vedrana says:

    Excellent point of view! I will think about it more, it makes sense..
    You know, in my family there was always fear of not having enough so we’re always sparing even not really necessary, but than again I understand them, that’s how their parents thought them. I will analyze my life little more..
    Anyway, I also bought new cute notebook yesterday! It has zebra pattern on the covers and pink sheets inside of it, with lines! I fell in love when I saw it! 😀
    Maybe I should use it as my book of inspiration with inspiring quotes, thoughts and other encouraging stuff! Thanks for sharing, it’s always nice to find in my inbox new story 🙂

  • Amy says:

    I have been on a quest this month to use what I already have instead of adding more. I have cleared and donated several items and organized my office. It feels like clearer space and has opened up my creativity.

    This month I have also started asking questions of the universe instead of writing down affirmations. This seems to be working; I have manifested a few small things and had some “little” questions answered.

    • Amy, that is wonderful! I always clean out my house, de-clutter, and donate when I want to get energy moving again. Catherine Ponder talks about doing that to create a vacuum for new items to come in. It always works for me. I find asking questions to be a great practice, too. I ask and let the universe provide the answer.

  • Joy says:

    Oh, perfect…ha! I *love* how this works…I came to your site to ask you a question…then this title spoke right to me. Yes. Yes, I am used to cutting things in half. Feels amazing to admit so I may finally change that. I was raised to share everything–sometimes before I had “enough” for me…for example I will give you half of my sandwich before I even eat it, then make another to share….I don’t know if that captures the essence correctly, but it’s there. So I naturally halve and I bet I manifest for myself in such a way, too. But, when I create for another, it is with infinite possibility–here is the sandwich and the space to eat it in and a book to read while you eat….Wow. Thank you for that insight. Right when I am on the cusp of *amazing* but might have halved it to pretty good.

    Ah, and thank you for your reflection in the class…I am taking it as a student and it is stretching me into new space (which is a nice way of saying it is kicking my butt!).

    • Joy, Thanks! It’s funny how we will give so much to other people freely and we don’t always do the same for ourselves. Here’s to letting it all in! 🙂

      I’m loving your course. It’s lovely to see the new posts in my in-box every day!

  • Vicki says:

    I have decided to recommit to some parts of my life which I had let slip.

    I am back to regular meditation daily which is where I ask and receive many answers. I also have started letting things flow and being kinder and gentler, this is also increasing the goodness I am receiving. I write a daily gratitude list and make sure I do it every day for maximum results!

    I also like “playing” when it comes to manifestation. Lets see what I can bring to myself….remembering that it is not always exactly what I ask for. Often it is more!!!!

    Thank you, I love, love, love this blog.

    • Vicki,
      Thank you so much! You listed my three absolute favorite practices: meditation, gratitude lists, and “playing” with it and letting it be fun! I know those practices make a huge difference. Thanks for sharing your processes! 🙂

  • Very good point. I get all kinds of answers and ideas both in meditation and from dreams and make the mistake of not writing them down right away, thinking I can remember them. I will even find myself thinking “that idea came from the Universe and I didn’t care enough to write it down right away” as I struggle to remember.

    • Craig, I’ve been there too, but I believe God and the Universe loves us infinitely, so I created this mantra for those situations. “The Universe wanted me to have this information and so I will receive it or something better at the perfect time.”

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