Are You Distracting Yourself From Living?

Are you distracting yourself from living? Do you go to bed at night satisfied that you were present that day and lived it fully? Do you do something every day that will matter ten years from now? (Self-care and connecting with other’s counts!) Do you do something every day that brings you joy?
As part of my Year of the Warrior, I’ve been delving deep into the Goddess Warrior books and looking at what keeps me away from showing up in the world as the woman that I know I am.
There are four main techniques for coping with not living up to our potential discussed in Warrior GoddessTraining by HeatherAsh Amara and I do a bit of all of them. I’ve decided to first focus deeply on one that I have struggled with for a while: Distraction
For me, one of my main modes of distraction is my IPhone and social media.  I find myself checking Facebook and Twitter as a numbing device. Scrolling on my IPhone has become my numbing agent of choice. (Except chocolate & bread but I can only focus on so many vices at a time)
I find myself looking at social media on my phone way more than I need to. I do look at them on the computer but not nearly as much because I usually am writing, etc. on it.
I read an article on Huffington Post which sealed the deal for me. Time is passing and I don’t want to tune out for another day. Here are the steps that I’ve taken to limit my distractions.
  1. I removed the Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone. They were the worst for mindless scrolling. I still use my Audible and podcast apps but those I tend to indulge in for joy (I love to learn and listen to good fiction) and I’ve left Instagram on my phone because I don’t tend to spend much time on it.
  2. I set rules for my phone and computer. I don’t look at them until after 9AM in the morning and/or completing my daily alchemy spiritual routine.
  3. I put my phone on the charger at 6pm and try not to pick it back up for the night
  4. I set rules for email. I don’t spend more than 15 minutes a day on email. I have considered only checking email a few times a week and taking it off my phone but I haven’t made those steps yet because I get so many important notices through email for my children’s school, etc.
  5. I set rules for social media. I only have 30 minutes a day for social media. I’m setting my timer and going on with the intention to be of service.
  6. I am spending at least 2 hours a day with my children and 1 hour with my spouse talking and interacting with no distraction.
I’m hoping that these will become second nature habits soon.  If it feels right to you, I’d love to invite you to join me in limiting your technology time and directing that time towards real life endeavors. I’m going to be focusing on this in the Live the Width of 2017 Facebook group—but only for a few minutes a day—lol, I do see the irony in sharing on how to social media use on a social media group but technology is like anything else. It can be used for good or evil or numbing out. I wish I could find a way to just go to my groups and bypass the actual Facebook feed but what I do is go on with an intention of what I’m there to do and set the timer so if I go off down a rabbit hole, the alarm reminds me that it’s time to come on out.
Here’s a few questions that I used to reflect on changes that I wanted to make in my life that might be useful for you, too:
How often do you check your social media accounts each day?
How often to check your list of goals for the year?
How often do you spend 15 minutes reading an article or articles online that don’t add any value to your day?
How often do you spend 15 minutes doing a task that will taking you closer to living a life you love?
How often do you connect with acquaintances posts on Facebook?
How often do you connect with your heart and your core desired feelings?
How often do you engage in watching others live?
How often do you live?
Live Widely, My Friend!
Namaste & Hugs,