Aren’t Your Tired?

Arent you tired?

Aren’t you tired of trying to fit in with the maddening crowd?

Aren’t you tired of having conversations about nothing that matters?

Aren’t you tired of living the same boring day over and over?

Aren’t you tired of denying your calling?

Aren’t you tired of living in Stepfordland and dulling your emotions to survive?

Aren’t you tired of choosing to be less than who you are for people you don’t even want to associate with?

There’s a reason that depression, anxiety, and addictions are overtaking the world.

The story of the « good life » we are being sold is slowly killing us all.

Working your ass off for years doing a job you hate so you can retire and do nothing for a few years before you die never feeds your soul.

It leaves you dead without ever living the purpose that will wake up your body, bring you real joy, and contribute to the beauty of our world.

It is scary to leave the « Normie  » life behind. You will be beat down at times. The other crabs will try to pull you back down in the bucket.

When you start living your truth, it reminds people around you that they are living a life of lies. 

Think of it as your gift to them. The more people who rise up and follow their passions, the more others will be empowered to as well.

When you step into your version of the Magickal life, you’ll be scared and you’ll be unsure of the next step many times. You’ll likely be criticized and you’ll probably lose friends. You’ll travel some dark and bumpy roads. 

You’ll also bring your heart to life. You’ll know that you are living the life you were meant to live. 

You will be achieving the rare feat of fully living.

And you won’t be tired anymore and aren’t you tired of being tired?

Join us on the Magick

Side! The energy is poppin’ over here. All you have to do is decide and jump on in. 

Start listening to your intuition 

Take baby steps. 


Feel your feelings.

Take inspired action.

Maybe work with spirit guides or ancestors.

Live Magickally,


P.S.  If you‘ve decided to live your Magickal life and you can’t seem to manifest a way to the life you desire or you’ve been living your Magickal life and you’ve suddenly been trapped by road blocks, shadow desires could be what are holding you back. My free Masterclass on Shadow Alchemy is coming on Thursday, March 28th at 1:00 PM ET in the Be Magick Facebook and the replay will stay up for 24 hours. If that time has passed the class will be available to my Premium Members for life in the  Premium Member’s Lab.