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Cocooning So Hard

I’m emerging, but not as a full-blown butterfly I’m still a disgusting blob of goo in some places I bring you a message from my past 6 months of cocooning: Spiritual growth does not equate personal growth You may be able to travel the astral realms and feel the oneness But if you avoid conflict […]

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A Spell For Venus Day

A Love Spell for Venus Day: Don’t worry, you needn’t be a witch or an alchemist or any such thing to harness the Magick of language —of course, all the better if you are, Today, all day long as you talk to yourself, speak to yourself in over-exaggerated terms of endearment  Oh, Wise One, would […]

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Aren’t Your Tired?

Arent you tired? Aren’t you tired of trying to fit in with the maddening crowd? Aren’t you tired of having conversations about nothing that matters? Aren’t you tired of living the same boring day over and over? Aren’t you tired of denying your calling? Aren’t you tired of living in Stepfordland and dulling your emotions […]

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