I got this one wrong…going naked in 2020
I got this one wrong…. It happens, I am a Virgo but I’m not always right. I was waiting for[...]
Cocooning So Hard
I’m emerging, but not as a full-blown butterfly I’m still a disgusting blob of goo in some places I bring[...]
A Spell For Venus Day
A Love Spell for Venus Day: Don’t worry, you needn’t be a witch or an alchemist or any such thing[...]
You’re Not Fear’s B*$%&
You’re Not Fear’s Bitch Fear works for you, not the other way around Fear’s job is to say, “Danger! Watch[...]
Can You Admit When You’re Wrong?
Can you admit when you are wrong? Can you admit when you are following the wrong crowd and doing the[...]
Aren’t Your Tired?
Arent you tired? Aren’t you tired of trying to fit in with the maddening crowd? Aren’t you tired of having[...]
Fall in Love With Your Body in 30 Days
Do you think you can hate your body into being a joyful place for your soul to live?   Surely[...]
Time to Emerge
  It’s that time of year when I begin dreaming of receiving my new word of the year. If you[...]
How to Bring Your Dreams to Life
How to Bring Your Dreams to Life