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Episode 207: Three Signs of Alignment

Often times, people look at their mood, their happiness level, as to whether or not they’re aligned with the goals that they want to manifest. However, life is so much more complex than that and focusing on being happy all the time can actually take you out of alignment with your true purpose. Instead I […]

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Episode 205: Low Magick Vs High Magic

What is the difference between low magick and high magick? Which should you use for specific outcomes and what are some examples of each? I’ll explain all of this and how I recommend you work with each kind of magick and why I believe you should use both in your practice.   Show Links: Three […]

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Episode 203: Real People, Real Magick: Sebastian Soul of Affirmation to Manifestation Podcast

Show Notes: Sebastian Soul is a spiritual coach who believes in the law of attraction. After a life-long struggle with depression and severe trauma from two heart surgeries, he embarked on a journey of emotional healing. This journey allowed him to discover the power of affirmations, manifestation, and the universe. His purpose is to share […]

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