Episode 170: Interview with Papa Hood Sorcery

Livestream Interview with Papa Hood of  Papa Hood Sorcery, right HERE, this Friday at 1:30PM EST!  A studied mystic of 14 years, Papa Hood has studied many paths, from Vodou to Druidry, from Demonology to Qabbalah. He has devoted much of his life to mastering arcane secrets from as many cultures as he could, but his […]

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What Happens When You Make a Decision

This episode is a recording of a Facebook Live Broadcast, so there’s no episode number. If you’d rather watch the video come on over to my Facebook page @MichelleDobbins Author Get My Access to My Magical Freebie Vault Here http://dailyalchemy.com/magical-freebie-vault/ ?What Happens When You Make a Decision ?

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