Law of Attraction Homeschooling

Next week, my kids will be starting a new school year and they’ll be doing their schooling outside of the traditional school. I’m super excited to have the flexibility and fun of online schooling, where their core lessons are provided for them and I’ll be able to supplement their learning with lessons they wouldn’t normally […]

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Bathroom Affirmations

The bathroom is the one place where I do most of my spiritual practice.  Maybe it because I hide from my four kids in there.  It’s great for anyone to incorporate some mediation or affirmation practice there for several reasons.  One it’s usually a quiet, private space.  Two you are going to be there every morning, […]

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3 Quick & Easy Ways to Manifest Money

I’ve noticed that I don’t post much about money on this site and sometimes I worry that I’ll be judged if I do.  That’s my cue that I need to write a post on money. A lot of spiritual people believe they are not supposed to want money.  I know some people do very well without it, […]

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Lookin’ for Luv by Cloris Kylie Stock

I recently connected with Cloris Kylie Stock and fell in love with her blog and I’m looking forward to her upcoming interview with Pam Grout on Cloris’s Magnificent Time radio show. She was gracious enough to write a guest post for Daily Alchemy about finding love. So, here’s Cloris: Lookin’ for Luv by Cloris Kylie […]

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Is Your Trouble Light On?

When the battery on my alarm system starts to go low, the trouble light comes on. If I ignore it and don’t take time to replace the battery, eventually it will start to beep  and get louder and louder and then it will stop working all together.  As long as I tend to the situation, […]

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Develop Freaky Twilight Vampire Powers

Ever wish you you could develop freaky Twilight Vampire Powers?  Without the need to live off of blood, of course. Traditional vampires don’t really have cool powers like the one’s in Stephanie Meyer’s books, but the ones in her books are different and some have unique abilities. Some people like her stories, some hate them […]

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