Experience the Magic of Reiki by Luzia Light

Experience The Magic of Reiki by Luzia Light If a genie would grant me one wish in this life, I would wish that every single person on this planet would know how to use Reiki. I think, it would be great if it was taught in Elementary schools. It’s so simple and so extremely effective […]

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Six Degrees of Connection & How to Work Them

There used to be popular saying that we are all no more than six degrees of separation from anyone else.  There is even a game based on this notion called the Oracle of Bacon, which shows the degrees of separation of any actor from Kevin Bacon. Well, separation is not really my bag. People who […]

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Do You Have an Emergency LOA Back-Up Plan?

Sometimes we all freak out.  Things aren’t going right and we wonder does all this “positive thought stuff” really work?  If so, why are situations spinning out of control? That’s when we need our Emergency LOA Back-Up Plan. Mine is a tattered piece of paper, with a few paragraphs on it. I carry it in […]

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Are you cutting you manifesting in half?

How much are we letting in? When we want things do we hold them at bay just by ignoring the resources that we have? Or do we selectively do what feels right to us?  Do we cut our manifesting in half by not using what we have already manifested to create more? I recently noticed […]

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How Can I Help YOU? by Jason Bourne

I connected with Jason Bourne on twitter and no, not the one from the Bourne Identity movies.  This Jason is way better. He’s a role model for anyone who wants more magic in their lives. Why? Because he reaches out to people and helps anyone he can. He invites authors to place guest posts on […]

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