How to Manifest the Perfect House By Mollie Player

    I’m so excited today to share a real manifesting story by Mollie Player.  She has a wonderful true law of attraction stories blog and she is an author of lots of books, another of her cool deliberate creations. Here’s Mollie: Some of you will remember that for most of 2012, my husband and […]

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Why I Love Spammers

Lots of bloggers curse the spammers, but where does that get us?  What we resist persists. I’ve gotten a LOT of spam lately, as in  ongoing spam comments every 3 minutes for at least a week. Lots of spam to clean out of my comments folder.  So what’s a girl to do?  Create a list […]

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How to Be a More Deliberate Creator By Julia Melges-Brenner

  I recently connected with Julia Melges-Brenner, the editor of Kajama, one of the best spiritual websites on the internet. Julia is an ordained Spiritualist minister and a healer, while Kajama is a publication and site chock full of spiritual information and resources. There are horoscopes, psychic readings, spiritual tools, and tons of spiritual articles […]

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4 Magical Reasons to Love Your Body

A few weeks ago I posted 4 Magical Reasons to Love your Brain, and since I don’t want to leave out the rest our body, I decided to share some reasons why loving our bodies creates magic. 1. It makes you more attractive. If you love your body, you carry yourself differently.  You walk and move […]

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4 Magical Reasons to Love Your Brain

In law of attraction and positive thought circles, brains often get a bad rap.  It’s the “monkey mind” that we want to quiet. It’s good for keeping us safe and helping us remember to pay our bills, but not so much for helping us achieve inner peace and joy.  I recently found that our brains […]

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