How to Fine-Tune Your Magic

We are deliberate creators. We decide what we want and we get it, but what if what we get wasn’t quite what we asked for?  We want a thousand dollars, but we get a hundred. We want a lead role, but we get cast in the chorus. A reader recently asked how we can fine-tune […]

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How to Manifest the Perfect House By Mollie Player

    I’m so excited today to share a real manifesting story by Mollie Player.  She has a wonderful true law of attraction stories blog and she is an author of lots of books, another of her cool deliberate creations. Here’s Mollie: Some of you will remember that for most of 2012, my husband and […]

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Why I Love Spammers

Lots of bloggers curse the spammers, but where does that get us?  What we resist persists. I’ve gotten a LOT of spam lately, as in  ongoing spam comments every 3 minutes for at least a week. Lots of spam to clean out of my comments folder.  So what’s a girl to do?  Create a list […]

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How to Be a More Deliberate Creator By Julia Melges-Brenner

  I recently connected with Julia Melges-Brenner, the editor of Kajama, one of the best spiritual websites on the internet. Julia is an ordained Spiritualist minister and a healer, while Kajama is a publication and site chock full of spiritual information and resources. There are horoscopes, psychic readings, spiritual tools, and tons of spiritual articles […]

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4 Magical Reasons to Love Your Body

A few weeks ago I posted 4 Magical Reasons to Love your Brain, and since I don’t want to leave out the rest our body, I decided to share some reasons why loving our bodies creates magic. 1. It makes you more attractive. If you love your body, you carry yourself differently.  You walk and move […]

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