4 Magical Reasons to Love Your Brain

In law of attraction and positive thought circles, brains often get a bad rap.  It’s the “monkey mind” that we want to quiet. It’s good for keeping us safe and helping us remember to pay our bills, but not so much for helping us achieve inner peace and joy.  I recently found that our brains […]

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Couldn’t you just…

Couldn’t you just… How to do we make decisions? A lot of controversy has been stirred up around Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a preventative double mastectomy. Some say she is courageous and others think she is making fear-based decisions. Abraham-Hicks say it doesn’t matter what we do, but how we feel about it. That’s why the same actions […]

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Manifesting Playlist

This video came my way yesterday via Mike Dooley’s Facebook page and it was too good not to share. I warn you, If you haven’t listened to their music, some of it is quite explicit, but there’s none of that in this video. It’s just about how they use law of attraction to live their dreams. […]

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What the *#%@?

We are good little positive thinkers and we know how to create our desires. We rave about what’s going right and we focus on where we want to go. So what if we wake up one day and everything sucks? Chemicalization is a crazy term that describes the situation that can occur when someone first starts engaging in positive […]

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I Remember Love

  Violet and E. Merel Martin, my grandparents I hope you will all indulge me a little bit today, as the post is not on one of my usual topics. Today was my Grandma Violet’s Birthday.  She would have been 86, but she passed away almost 10 years ago.The day after she died, I wrote […]

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Magical Manifesting Formulas 3-Mantras

According to Wikipedia, a mantra is  “a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of creating transformation.” I call any phrase that I repeat over and over a mantra. I use mantras for manifesting when I’m experiencing feelings I don’t want and I’ve gotten too tangled up in them to just […]

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