Good Karma Magic

For the record, I don’t believe in karma. I think that we get what we believe or what we vibrate.  Still, in our house we will sometimes joke about how we have good karma or bad karma around a certain subject. For example, our family has good car karma. Our cars always run great and […]

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EQ Magic

With school getting back in gear, it seems like I’ve been on a routine treadmill. I’ve missed the time I had with my kids during the summer. I have a habit of asking myself EQs, or effective questions, so I asked “How can I feel more connected with my family?” Once I do this I let go […]

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Friday Night Magic

I experienced a wonderful little miracle last night. My husband and I run a heating and air conditioning company. Summer gets hectic for us and we ask all of our employees to work overtime.  It’s the nature of the industry. So, last night we had planned a “We Survived Summer” dinner with awards for our […]

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Do You Believe in Magic?

A while back, I watched an Oprah interview with JK Rowling, during which she said “I really don’t believe in magic.” OMG, did I hear that right.? The lady who created Harry Potter and made so many of us believe in magic, doesn’t believe in magic? Seriously? I was quite put out with her for […]

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