How to Break a Manifesting Plateau

Woman sitting on Pulpit Rock / Preikestolen, Norway

Once we learn that we can deliberately create what we want in our lives by changing our thoughts and feelings, the world gets amazingly fun. If you haven’t experienced that here’s  some tips to get you started manifesting. If you have, but find that your manifesting has slowed down and your intentions aren’t occurring as quickly as you’d like, here are some tips to break a manifesting plateau:

1. Check your emotions. It’s easy to get so caught up in the fun of creating the experiences we want in our lives that we forget to keep taking the actions that helped us create them. The biggie is checking in to see how you are feeling. If you’ve let your focus on being happy slide or started slacking on your self care or meditation time, your vibration can slip. Don’t beat yourself up for that, just go back to making happiness one of your top priorities.

2. Review your successes. Maybe you’ve forgotten how much you have already achieved and it’s time to reflect on your success. If you don’t have book with a written record of your successes or a box with little reminders of what you have already manifested, now is the time to make one. If  you do have one, it’s time to take it out and read through it or go through the items. Don’t forget to add new manifestations that you haven’t included yet.

3. Help someone else get what you want. This is always a sure fire way to start the energy moving in your life. If you want to be a writer, help out another writer. If you want to make start a business, make a purchases from a start-up business. If you want to get your house organized, offer to help a friend organize for a few hours. What you give out you get back multiplied.

4. Relax and enjoy the view.  A plateau is not a problem, unless you see it as one. It’s a nice place to sit and view all the wonderful things you’ve already accomplished. It’s really not such a bad space to be and once your rested, you’ll get up and start moving again.

How do you break a manifesting plateau?

  • Cloris Kylie says:

    Thank you, Michelle. What I do is to wait it out. Sometimes I get anxious because I don’t see results, so I work harder, but more action doesn’t necessarily translate into better results, especially because I have underlying stress. So I just decide to let things be, and eventually, I start seeing results again 🙂

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