You Can Do Actual Magick Today

Announcing the Be Magic experiment in 2018

Sorry, I missed you guys last week and Monday is drawing to a close here in South Carolina again. I fell a little on my steadfast commitment to post once a week.
I could say it was because I was traveling but that would be a lie. I was traveling this weekend and last but I still had my post planned out.
Have you ever gotten that push to do something and it seems like an amazing idea in the moment and then you resist it? Maybe you think of changing careers or moving across the country. Maybe you think you should ask someone for their phone number or to go on a date. Maybe its an idea fort a book or a creative project. Maybe it’s just to call a friend you haven’t talked to for a while or to give some money to a charity.
And then you don’t?
Because you get scared or it didn’t seem like such a good idea in the light of day?
How do you know if it was truly a divinely inspired idea or if you made the right choice by opting out?
I’m a big believer in following your heart and your gut even when it’s scary.
Except that I don’t always do it…
​​​​​​​How do we even know if that feeling is true? 
If you don’t do the thing and you get a long lasting sense of relief then you likely made that correct choice BUT more than likely, you’ll get that pang in your stomach and the wistfulness thinking about what if.
Then, you know that that action was divinely inspired and if it’s still possible to, go for it. (If it’s not set an intention for another opportunity at a similar action and the next time don’t hesitate to take it. And if you hesitate again, be sweet to yourself and know you’ll take action when you’re ready.)
In my case, it is still possible to take the action, so here I go…
My post was going to include a link to a video but I panicked. I’d shared this before and had my whole family think I was nutty.
My soul said do it but my brain and body rebelled. Logically, it’s not that scary but sharing this story on video after having felt embarrassed by it in the past seemed super frightening and in some way it still does.
My soul just will not let me stop moving forward on this project.
It demands that I follow through. This idea was given to me as an answer to my question of how to serve my Facebook group and help them really create magic.
So here’s my invitation to Make Some Actual Magick with Me today and throughout 2018…
And here’s another video that explains how the spreadsheet works. The only thing I ask if that to participate you join my free Facebook Group Be Magic in 2018 so we can easily communicate with everyone. So come on and add your intention for others to focus on. It is more of a gift to them than you!
Namaste & Big Hugs,