Can Changing Your Hand Writing Change YOU?

Does our penmanship expose our personality? Handwriting experts would say yes. I just saw one on a news show analyzing the signatures of the staff.  She gave some pretty good insights and then told them not to change some good aspects of their signatures because it could change them. Wow! But could it go both ways? If we change how we write, could it change aspects of our personality? Could we become better people simply by changing how we write?

Vimala Rodgers thinks so. She has invented the Viimala alphabet which I stumbled upon on Facebook a few days ago. (Note: When I randomly stumble upon similar advise in a short period of time, I take notice.) She has written books and teaches classes on changing your handwriting to change your life. She even has a testimonial from Louise Hay, one of my favorite authors. You can see most of the letters styles and the meanings behind them on Vimala’s facebook page.

Vimala’s alphabet is beautiful, but it may take a little while to learn it.  I decided, perhaps, I should start with some small changes in my signature and see what  I notice.  My handwriting as a whole is not pretty and my signature is unique. Yes, that a nice way to say it looks like it was written by a gorilla, (no offense to gorillas). Here’s what my current signature looks like:

In order, to make a quick change, I decided to add the M and the D from the Vimala alphabet and make my signature more legible and underline it once.  My main line of thinking is that my current signature reflects someone who could be in a witness protection program, someone who wants to not be seen.  It makes sense because I’ve always been an introvert, but I am an author and I want people to see me, remember me, and want to read me books once they are published. On the news show, the expert said that underlining once calls attention in a good way. Underlining twice is too much and smacks of desperation. After a few pages of practice, here’s my new and improved signature:

It needs some work, but I think its an improvement.  Hopefully, I won’t get a call from the bank. What do you think? Would you change your handwriting in order to change your personality?  Do you think if our personalities changed our handwriting would naturally evolve with it?

I’d love to hear what you think.  To prove it, I’m giving away one of my Angel Card readings (see service page) to one of my commenters during the month of January. I’ll put everyones name in and choose a winner to be announced here around February 1st. Then I’ll email the winner with the details. If you like my Facebook page in the box on the right side, and let me know in your comment, I’ll put your name in twice.

Love and Miracles,

  • Cate Noble says:

    Interesting! So, did writing your name in this different manner make you “feel” differently? I’m off to check out Vimala’s page now…

    • Cate, It felt foreign and strange to write it that way. I’ve been practicing a pageful of the new signature at night before I go to bed and I’m getting used to it. I think it gives me a confident feeling when I underline it. I think you’ll enjoy Vimala’s work. It’s very unique. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  • Tess Collins says:

    I took one of Vimala’s classes years ago and changed my signature as a result. Hard to point to what the differences in life may be, but I like my signature better.

  • Akanksha says:

    Hi…I hv read a book on graphology…& yes I am a true believer that handwriting depicts our personality but i am not in favour of the notion that changing of writing forcefully can change you. Remember, while taking a writing sample for analysis also it is emphasised that it shall be on plain paper, and content shall be written on your own…instead of copying because when you write on your own you depict your personality in a better way…for what you write is in control of your own mind & thoughts…but if you copy you are just forcefully jotting down what you see & your mind is nowhere in loop.

    Just my way of thinking…dunno how much of it holds good.

    Also, I hv one general query- I am unable to see a “LIKE” Button in your posts…I felt like hitting a “like” for few of your posts & leaving a comment on your “about” page…but couldn’t. If you have left those out deliberately, its your wish but it would be better if you can add those..

    Glad to meet you here 🙂

    • Michelle Dobbins says:


      Thanks for commenting. That’s an interesting perspective. Perhaps, if one just focuses on making changes within themselves, their writing will change to reflect that automatically.

      It’s funny that you mention the “LIKE” button. I just switched my blog over to WordPress a few weeks ago and was noticing that I don’t have that button like most blogs. I was just going to google how to put it on there. If you know what I need to do to get it to show up, feel free to respond. I’m thinking it has to be easy, once I find the right place to click.


      • Akanksha says:

        Well you can go to:
        DASHBOARD — From left side icons go to option “SETTINGS” & then to option “SHARING” …there in the bottom line there is an option called “ likes are’ & you have to check a box against that. Hope that helps …

        • Michelle Dobbins says:

          Thanks, I think I’m having problems becuase my site is through and not

          • Michelle Dobbins says:

            I’m still trying to figure this out. My designer doesn’t think there is one for .org WordPress sties but I think I’ve seen the Like button on some. If any one knows of a plug in or way to do it, please shoot me an e-mail or post it here. Thanks!. 🙂

  • Tiffany Smallwood says:

    Love your new signature. It expresses YOU. I have seen your handwriting and always thought you were just in a hurry. Good job on your new look.

  • Michael says:

    Very interesting…..

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