Can Your Feel The Monday Energy?

Monday gets a bad rap.

Last night, my son told me he was sad that tomorrow was Monday. He’s homeschooled and loves the setup we have, so I was confused as to why.

He explained that he can already feel the energy of Monday. Guess he takes after his mom by empathically feeling the vibe in the energetic field around him.

Do you get sucked into the Monday energy?

You have a choice.

There are two sets of Monday energy. You can choose the low energy one or the high vibe version.

I consciously made the choice a few years back to see every Monday as the start to a new week of endless possibilities.

Monday is something to celebrate. Something to rave about!

If you hate Mondays and dread them, it’s time to make a change in your life. Seriously, do you know more people in die on Monday mornings than any other time? Why do you think that is?

You may not be able to change where you go or what you do on Mondays right away, but you can certainly change your attitude about it.

The first step to creating a Monday lifestyle that you love is loving Mondays now!

Decide that you are going to be open to possibilities this week. That you are going to put all the love you can into what you decide to do this week, even if it’s a job you hate.

This is how you change your life, by changing your energy one step at a time.

Here’s a few Magick Tips to Turn Monday Into Your Favorite Day:

  1.  Be aware that if you are empathic, you make pick up on other people’s bad Monday moods like my son does. If you feel it, remind yourself it’s not yours let it go, and do a meditation to relax into your own energy.
  2. Celebrate Monday by making a list of what is going fabulous in your life right now. See the Monday Raves below.
  3. Monday’s are ruled by the moon, so consider sitting under the moon on Sunday evening and meditating on a joyful week ahead. The moon loves milk, mugwort tea and round cookies so you may want to leave some out for her and ask her to bless your Monday. Just soak up the moon’s energy and connect in the way that feels best to you.
  4. Step into being that new version of you who adores Mondays and can’t wait to see what the new week brings. Just ask yourself how you would act and what you would do next if Mondays were your favorite day of the week.
  5. Spend time sending your energy loving someone’s goals and visualizing them coming true; It’s a magical process that makes you feel divine no matter your own circumstances. Join our free Be Magic in 2018 group and give it a try!

The truth is most people who stress about Monday do it because they are in a life they don’t love. And you can’t always fix that overnight but you can take baby steps every day in that direction.

Namaste and Big Monday Hugs,