Interview with Cary David Richards, LOA Author

LOA-Puzzle_Cover-Final-225x300 I recently connected with Cary David Richards and read his new book, The Law of Attraction Puzzle: Why the pieces don’t fit and 8 dynamic real world strategies to fit them into place. He has so much fabulous information to share that I asked him to stop by and answer some questions for my readers.

As a former skeptic what shifted your beliefs about the Law of Attraction?

It was as a result of my career in sales. Over time I came to realize that if I felt good about what I was doing. Had the right intention about the outcome and basically just did the things I knew I was supposed to be doing. (You know seeing the right number of people per day, asking the right questions etc.) Then things just seemed to fall into place. This would happen in some cases not as direct result of my actions but in a very serendipitous and coincidental fashion. The thing is, if I had my attitude right and kept the proper amount of intention on the outcome I could make it happen almost on cue. For instance many times I’d be out all day long seeing the customers that needed to be seen, working and focusing on my goals. Then I’d get back to the office and not have a whole lot to show for my efforts. Without panic or frustration I would keep my intention on the outcome I wanted and sure enough the next morning I’d come in and there would be orders from several customers whom I had not even called on the day before. It would happen all the time.

What inspired you to write your new book The Law of Attraction Puzzle: Why the pieces don’t fit and 8 dynamic real world strategies to click the into place?

It was as a direct result of following my bliss. A few years ago I got what I called “corporately downsized”. Okay, I was ruthlessly fired by the new management at the company where I worked.

At first I was devastated. But then I started realizing that what I really wanted to do was write and contribute to people. The fact that I had been fired turned out to be the perfect impetus for me to begin my writing career.

I want to encourage everyone reading this to do the work to identify what it is that fulfills them and brings them joy. This is the only time you’ll have on this earth and even one day wasted by not consciously taking steps to follow your bliss is wasted time. As Joseph Campbell says “Follow your bliss and doors will open that you didn’t even know where there.”

What is one of your favorite law of attraction success stories?

I think my favorite attraction stories are the ones where someone just let’s go and stops trying so hard to create and just allows the universe to do its thing.  Like the one I heard not long ago about a woman who had been trying to attract the perfect job for herself in an industry that resonated with her passions. She’d been trying very hard for over a year to find something that would allow her to work from home and write her book at the same time. Finally she just gave in and decided to let the universe take care of it. Within two weeks she’d been contacted by the  CEO of a company in the exact industry she’d been looking for and has now gone to work for that company.

Worry, obsession and frustration will only push the wanted thing away from you. Take a deep breath and just let it go.

Why do you think so many people are missing pieces of the Law of Attraction?

I think that many of us are taught from an early age that the harder you try and the more you grit your teeth and the tighter you hold on the easier it is to be successful. This of course is in many cases exactly the opposite of the way things really work. Don’t get me wrong, hard work and massive action are instrumental in producing results, it’s the way we approach the activity that makes the difference. If you can put your all into something and strive confidently toward it while at the same time not being attached to the result. Then you will have outstanding results.

Is there one step my readers could take today that would improve their success with the Law of Attraction?

I think there are a couple of simple things that people can do that don’t take much of anything but a decision to change how they think about things.

First I would encourage everyone to not take themselves so seriously. Lighten up, take a deep breath and concentrate on releasing those negative limiting emotions. Understand that you are perfect just the way you are.

Next, understand that belief and intention will begin to draw the things you want to you.

Couple that with massive action while not being attached to the results. Then pay attention to the subtle but very real synchronicities and coincidences that begin to happen. Many of us have attracted things to us but simply fail to notice because of the subtle nature of how the universe works.

Cary David Richards an Author and blog moderator from Seattle, WA. Contact him at his blog

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