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10 Ways to Get Your Smile on Today

Sometimes, we get busy and we forget how wonderful life is. We get out of the habit of smiling and enjoying the little things. Let’s take some time to smile today. Here’s some ideas to get your smile going: 1. Just go to the mirror and smile at yourself, even if you don’t feel like […]

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Can Changing Your Hand Writing Change YOU?

Does our penmanship expose our personality? Handwriting experts would say yes. I just saw one on a news show analyzing the signatures of the staff.  She gave some pretty good insights and then told them not to change some good aspects of their signatures because it could change them. Wow! But could it go both […]

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Magic Spell of the Week: Long Car Drives

A simple tip for long car drives: I used to get so tired and sore when making the long eight hour drive to visit my parents.Then, when I started doing Reiki, a natural healing technique, I began sending Reiki to all the cars as passed as I was driving. When I arrived at my destination, […]

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The Magic Always Works

Last week, I posted that I was feeling unloved and not my normal self and I made a plan of action to deal with it. Part of the plan was just to be OK with feeling down and cry. I did that and I bought myself a nice bouquet of flowers and I told myself […]

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When the Magic Isn’t Working

OK,  things are a little wonky in my world right now and that’s OK. Things have been breaking, I’ve been hurting myself, and I’m feeling a lack of love from a variety of sources that usually love me. What to do? First, I feel like crying, so I’m going to cry. Then, since I injured one ankle […]

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Good Karma Magic

For the record, I don’t believe in karma. I think that we get what we believe or what we vibrate.  Still, in our house we will sometimes joke about how we have good karma or bad karma around a certain subject. For example, our family has good car karma. Our cars always run great and […]

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EQ Magic

With school getting back in gear, it seems like I’ve been on a routine treadmill. I’ve missed the time I had with my kids during the summer. I have a habit of asking myself EQs, or effective questions, so I asked “How can I feel more connected with my family?” Once I do this I let go […]

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Do You Believe in Magic?

A while back, I watched an Oprah interview with JK Rowling, during which she said “I really don’t believe in magic.” OMG, did I hear that right.? The lady who created Harry Potter and made so many of us believe in magic, doesn’t believe in magic? Seriously? I was quite put out with her for […]

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