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Episode 4: Daily Love List for Others

Serving and giving love to others raises our vibration and brings us joy. You are already being service to others. Just a few shifts in your intentions can change how you and them feel about these actions and turn them into a way to raise your vibration and theirs too.

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Episode 3: Daily Love List

How often do you do a loving act for yourself? You deserve your own love. You can easily fit loving acts for yourself into your already established daily routine. You just need to make little tweaks in your intention and you can raise your vibration and add much more joy to your life.

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Episode 2: What Is Alchemy?

Is there a difference between Alchemy and the Law of Attraction? Yes! It makes a big difference in your manifesting ability when you learn about Alchemy and how it can improve your life and your success with Law of Attraction techniques.

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Episode 1: How I Started on a Spiritual Path

In this episode, I briefly share how I became interested in spirituality, alchemy and the law of attraction. I also, share one of my first manifestations that started my on the path that I continue to follow. For me, painful life experiences started me on this path but I’m thankful for it all now.

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