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Episode 187: Where’s My Magick?

Show Notes: You’ve been doing your daily practice and life is still mundane as mundane can be— I’m going to give you some tips today and you probably won’t like them, but months or maybe years from now, if you hate me now-you’ll get it. Today’s experiment is to go back and do last week’s […]

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Episode 186: Magick 101: Your Daily Practice

Show Notes: 186. Magick 101: Your Daily Practice Today we are going to talk about your daily magickal practice f you are relatively new or want to establish a disciplined practice I believe starting small is the key-I often talk about having one core practice and that is always valid. This is not hugely glamourous […]

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Episode 185: Magickal Protection for the Holidays

Show Notes: I’m going to give you tips for two scenarios: 1. Offensive—People coming into your space 2. Defensive—Going into other people’s spaces Your Experiment: Offensive: 1. Do energetic visualizations of filling your house with your energy 2. Do one of the physical cleansing or protective actions listed in the podcast or find one of […]

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Episode 183: Graveyard Hygiene

Show Notes: Graveyards are one of my favorite places and I highly recommend anyone getting involved in magick spends some time in a graveyard or cemetery at least semi-regularly. One of the best graveyard activities is just to meditate on the fact that you will soon be among the departed to remind yourself not to […]

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Episode 182 : The Purpose of Magick

Show Notes: Your answer is likely different than mine but having an answer to this question is important to give a guiding principle to your magickal practice.   I believe Magick has several purposes: To create change—more in ourselves than anything or anyone else To right wrongs To enchant our world. IE. life is fucking […]

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Episode 181: Why Your Spells Don’t work

Show Notes: The main issue with not achieving the results you desire is usually: Energy without action  or Action without energy   Other issues: Neediness Watching the cauldron Shadow desires   Even more things you can consider: Magical timing Ritual space Opening & Closing a circle   Your experiment: Create a spell or find a […]

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