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It Won’t Trend for More Than 24 Hours

It Won’t Trend for More Than 24 Hours How long does it trend when a natural disaster strikes? How long does it trend when celebrity dies? How long does it trend when something amazing happens? How long does it trend when the next political scandal hits? I’ve noticed on Twitter even when the most beloved person dies, […]

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I Got Triggered and You Might, Too…

I got triggered, and the truth is if you are a spiritual white woman, you might get triggered, too. Last year I started following Wild Mystic Woman, Layla Saad, when she wrote an essay on how white spiritual women need to know about white supremacy.. I wrote about it at that time and didn’t publish the […]

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Magic Vs. Magick

Just a quick note on why I have decided to use the word magick going forward as opposed to magic. First, the word magic seems so overused that the “k” wakes up my brain and make the word stand out. Second, the word magic often refers to illusionary magic and our magick is real. I debated because I […]

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My Favorites from 2017

  I always love to share what I’m raving about and even though 2017 was a tough year in many ways, I still have lots of favorites to rave about. (Some of the links marked with an asterick are affiliate links and if you purchase after clicking I may receive a percentage)        Favorites from […]

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Kill All the Things or Be Magic

Kill All the Things or Be Magic               I’m on Day 20 of the Whole 30 eating plan. If you aren’t familiar with it’s 30 days of cutting out sugar, artificial sweeteners, legumes, grains, dairy, preservatives, etc. Basically cutting out the crap and potentially inflammatory foods and eating real healthy food. And it’s hard. […]

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We’re Gonna Die

We’re gonna die I know this isn’t news to you. It isn’t news to me either but I’m remembering it deeply this week. My 2nd cousin passed away on last Monday. He and I weren’t close but we talked at family reunions and he was a stand up guy. I’m sure he had no idea that he […]

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The Year I Swore Off Pink

Not all Pink. I’m still ok with neon pink. But the pastel, sweet colors had to go. I have nothing personal against pastel pink. It used to be a staple in my closet. Along with lavender, mint green, and light yellow. These colors were almost always floral prints, too. I’m not sure why those choices resonated with me. Maybe […]

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