Cocooning So Hard


I’m emerging, but not as a full-blown butterfly
I’m still a disgusting blob of goo in some places

I bring you a message from my past 6 months of cocooning:
Spiritual growth does not equate personal growth

You may be able to travel the astral realms and feel the oneness
But if you avoid conflict like I avoid the flu shot
your conflict avoidance will eventually cause you pain
especially when you dabble in Magick

You can’t create experiences in your life without being the person who has the character to embody them

Many magical grimoires say “this practice might be dangerous”
It’s not because the practice is actually dangerous (Ok, sometimes it is! Be discerning!)
it’s because in order for you to receive what you magically invoke
you need to have the chops to pull it off

If you haven’t done the work
The All There Is might thrust the work upon you
in the form of illness, break-ups, job loss and all kinds of mess

But the Universe is actually doing you the favor of fast tracking you
to gain the necessary personal growth (or business growth, relationship growth, etc.) to obtain the life you want

Either just use magick to get parking spaces and free concert tickets
Or prepare for possible storms and start doing the growth work now
because if you decide to use magick to create amazing relationships, fulfilling careers, fame, wealth, etc
you must own the skills and the presence to carry that off

I am now aware of many of the holes in my personal growth.
I fondly refer to this learning process as the year of a hundred paper cuts:

🔥Facebook ad account disabled
🔥kids with strep
🔥a loved one’s struggle with addiction, overdoses, & homelessness
🔥employees ghosting
🔥car repairs
🔥more strep
🔥lice infestation
🔥relationship issues
🔥parenting teens
🔥mysterious and serious illnesses of a family member
🔥did I mention LICE? (I know, I know, but it is traumatic)

Life happens and I’m not blaming all the suck on Magick showing me my lack of growth,
but Magic was showing me my lack of growth
My response was to Cocoon AKA Fermentation (Step 5 of the 7 steps of Alchemical Transformation)

Cocooning brings butterflies, fermentation brings fine wine and other spirits
Crawling into the dirt and allowing what is not you to rot away, so something new can emerge

For me, the death and rebirth process of personal fermentation involved retreating from social media, coaching, therapy, courses, workshops, plant medicine and ancestor work, along with wrapping myself in blankets and crying as lot.  Now I’m up for some distillation (Step 6 of Alchemical Transformation). Moonshine, anyone?

I am emerging with more clarity and a dedication to taking action and mastering the art of conflict.

As T.S. Elloitt said:

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

Life is a journey to know ourselves and to embody our true essence and it’s messy.
But it’s also a mind-blowing journey, in a good way.
Even when it sucks.

I love you all so much and I appreciate all the well wishes especially from my Premium peeps, you know who you are! Now on with the show!

Magick & Hugs,