Create a Fabulous 2015

Spoiler Alert:  This po2015 Happy New Year greeting cardst contains an affiliate link to a product I love. I get requests all the time to do affiliate or JV partnerships and I rarely do. I only recommend programs or products that I already use and love. Don’t worry, even if this product is not for you, there are still several wonderful tips in this post to set yourself up for a fabulous 2015 without it.


How do you prepare for the new year? Do you write down new goals and intentions? Do you revisit them during the year? Do they manifest and bring joy to your life?

I’ve always been a fan of making plans for the new year. I remember doing it as an elementary-aged child all the way through to present time. I love the energy of a new year. It gets me excited to focus on my dreams. However, I found that the desires I had written down for the new year rarely came true. Some did but they were ones that I could believe in:

Graduate College Summa Cum Laude

Get a Job as a Teacher

Meet a Wonderful Man and Get Married

Give Birth to a Healthy Child

I know those intentions aren’t easy for everyone, but those are kind of standard dreams that I believed I could achieve and so I did. I’ve had dreams that didn’t come true year after year:

Publish a book

Travel to other countries (and travel with my family extensively)

Own a spiritual business

Your list of the easy goals vs. the hard goals most likely looks different from mine, but the main difference in the lists is one list is believable to you and the other is not. So how do we switch over the “hard” goals and make them easy? We need to make them believable.

Here are three ways I like to play with making intentions and goals believable:

1. Let Go: The Sedona Method. I think I’ve shared about this before on the blog, but it really works for me. If you go to their page you can learn more about the process, but the main thing I do is visualize myself having what I want and I feel the feeling of having it and then I ask myself if I can let it go and I give an honest answer. Even if I don’t feel I can let go in the moment I usually do, even if it’s bit by bit.  It’s so much easier to achieve your goals when you aren’t attached to them. Often times, we think if we don’t want them enough we won’t manifest them, but wanting just keeps us wanting. If we attain the energy of “having” instead of “wanting” our desires manifest easier.

2. Give Thanks. When we give thanks for our desires before we receive them, it signals the universe that we have conviction that they are coming. Also, giving thanks for the blessings already here keeps the flow open for us to receive more. I make lists of all the things I’m thankful for and I like to add items I already have with those that aren’t manifested yet to remind myself that I’ve already created the new intentions and they are on the way.

3. Keep The Focus. Even though we want to hold loosely onto our goals without attachment, we don’t want to abandon them either. We need to keep the focus on what we want to experience in a positive way. While there are many ways to do that one that I have been enjoying is Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Shining Year workbook. (this is the affiliate product I was referring to.) Sorry guys, but it is aimed at women. It would totally work for men, but the artwork and pictures are all feminine. I was introduced to it last year by one of her affiliates and I loved it. I used it to plan my year and have carried with me all year, referring to it over and over, at least weekly.

It made such a difference in the goals that I achieved this past year.

Some of the big goals that I realized in 2014 after using the workbook were:

Publishing 2 ebooks on Amazon

Achieving Amazon Best-seller status with both books

Touching people’s lives in a positive way (I’ve received tons of e-mails this year from people thanking me for my book and connected with lots of lovely people on social media)

Going on my first cruise, a Disney Cruise with my family during which we visited the Bahamas

Going to Mexico with my family, visiting Chichen Itza, swimming in a cenote, and learning how to surf

Planning and paying for a trip to Italy with my family in March of 2015. I’m so excited for this one. I’ve dreamed of it for years, but I finally focused on making it happen and viola!

Creating a spiritual business. I filed for a LLC and began selling products and services at Daily Alchemy. I’m so excited to watch this one blossom because I have big dreams of touching more people’s lives and helping them create a magical life they love.

I made a list of 100 things I wanted to do in 2014 and while I didn’t complete them all, I realized way more goals in my life than I have in any single year before and I enjoyed the process. Everything lined up so beautifully.

And I can’t wait to do it all over again and create a fabulous 2015. You can, too. Just follow the simple steps in whatever order feels best. If you are drawn to Leonie’s workbook, it is an incredible tool, but you can also create your own or search around for some other tools.

Here’s to a fabulous 2015! May it be your best year so far!

2014-12-27 14.17.54

Working on my 2015 workbook in my home office

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