Do You Believe in Magic?

A while back, I watched an Oprah interview with JK Rowling, during which she said “I really don’t believe in magic.” OMG, did I hear that right.? The lady who created Harry Potter and made so many of us believe in magic, doesn’t believe in magic? Seriously? I was quite put out with her for a while. Of course, there were several groups who wanted to burn her books, etc. and she could hardly say her books were just harmless fiction, if she believed in them. Maybe she was just protecting herself. She has since redeemed herself, in my eye’s, since I read this quote by her, “I don’t believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” But that made me wonder, am I a lone adult believing in magic?

I believe almost anything can happen. I am an author and filmmaker’s dream, because it takes very little to suspend my disbelief. In fact, I can believe anything is possible. I believe that if an author creates a world, it has to exist on some level. Thoughts are things right? I like to think “what if ..” and dream about it. I like to believe. I believe that Naria could exist, wizards might be playing quiddich as I type, and Chris Angel can actually levitate. I have encountered Santa Claus and so I know that he is real (but that’s a post for another time). What fun is life closed off to possibilities? What about you? Do you believe the word impossible really says I’m possible? What kind of magic would you like to see? Do you think it could happen?

  • I love this post! I’m like you! Santa Claus IS real. Maybe not in the sense that we see him portrayed in books or movies, but he is real in the JOY he brings!

  • Good to know I’m not the only one! I can’t wait to write about me magical experience with Santa Claus, but I’ll wait until December! πŸ™‚

  • Jean says:

    I absolutely believe that humans limit their fantastic potential and experiences on this planet when they decree what is true for themselves and others, including children in their charge. I find it odd that the world religions include magic in their histories, but people are afraid to let magic into their daily lives. By the way, Michelle, thanks for following me on Twitter. I like the way you think. The name is J. Karen Carr and I’m definitely following you. My blog is.

  • Thanks! I like the way you think, too! πŸ™‚ Going to check out your blog now.

  • You are definitely not alone. I have seen magic and many unbelievable things. And I do believe practically anything is possible if we can truly move into a state of mind that accepts and allows it.

    • Michelle Dobbins says:

      You’re right, Craig. I agree that we have to get into the right state of mind to experience magic.

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