Don’t Apologize for Who and Where You Are

I grew up in a trailer and I am not ashamed of that, nor can I think of any reason to be. I now live in a very nice brick large house  and I am not ashamed of that, nor can I think of any reason to be.  In fact, I’m just as happy in the house as I was in the trailer and every place I’ve lived in between, except for the fact that I get happier every day and that’s not because I keep moving to nicer houses. In fact, I think it’s quite the opposite. Don’t feel bad for what you don’t have in life or someday you may end feeling bad for what you do have. That goes for material processions and the non-material circumstances, like health, love, beauty, etc.

If you guessed that the person most needing this message right now is the author, you’re probably right. I just bought a new vehicle and I thought I’d post a picture of Nali on Facebook.  (Yes, I name my cars and talk to them, which made it kind of tough to let go of Flexie, my old car, but our family has intended that she will be owned by a wonderful family who will love her like we did very soon.)

My next thought, maybe I shouldn’t put her picture on Facebook. My friends might think I’m bragging or that think I’ll get over my head in debt, etc. Maybe I could explain to them that we got a wonderful deal on this car, as I sometimes feel compelled to do with our house, but really it’s just crazy. I’m tired of thinking I should worry about what anyone else thinks of who and where I am and I’m not going to do it anymore. I hope you won’t either.

Love and Miracles,

P.S. If your buying a car or doing anything else that requires the right frame of mind, I suggest Jeannette Maw’s Blog Post on mental discipline. I opened it while I was waiting in the dealership for the salesman to give us a price and an offer on our trade-in. It put me in super mood, while I waited and my hubby and I had the best car buying experience EVER.  And we got a great deal and a sweet ride, so there!

P.P.S. (Sorry, I can never do just one P. S.) I’m thrilled that my blog is going to be all prettied up very soon.  I’m having fun here now and I couldn’t create the look I wanted so Courtney at Designer Blogs is doing it for me. She sent me the mock for my header last night and it was so perfect, I teared up. I’m super excited to see it all done.

If you’ve given up apologizing for who or where you are, I’d love to hear about it.

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