Dump It All!

Once I week I dump my purse out on the floor. I tend to shove everything into my purse. Receipts, candy wrappers, my kid’s permission slips. Whatever, into the purse it goes.
By the end of a week, I’m carrying around a hot mess. It makes no sense to carry around a bag of trash along with a few useful items, so I dump it out and start fresh.
You may be carrying around a bag of trash, as well, even if you don’t have a purse or yours, unlike mine, is always pristine.
We tend to pick up resentments from co-worker comments, sadness over expectations our partners didn’t meet, and guilt from our lack of perfect parenting. Your trash may come from different categories but unless we dump it out, it builds up and we are carrying around rubbish that slows us down and saps our energy.
4 Ways to Dump Your Emotional Baggage:
1. Daily mediation: even five to ten minutes of focusing on your breath helps immensely
2. Feel those emotions as they come up. The Shift Your Vibe in 5 minutes kit will help with this. You can get it here for free: 
3. Invite in Help from a Higher Power: It could be God, your higher self, an animal spirit helper, a saint, an ancestor—whatever resonates with you—ask for assistance clearing out beliefs, emotions and old stories that no longer serve you
4. Dump it all on paper or a screen: get a journal or write on your computer or phone 750words.com is my favorite site for this if I do it online but there’s something about scribbling it on paper with a real pen.
My purse would stay cleaner if I dumped daily and I recommend that you do at least on of these techniques daily so you can let go of the mental junk before it accumulates. The more you dump, the lighter you’ll feel!
Namaste & Big Hugs,