Episode 143: Making Friends with Your Demons


In Episode 142, I taught a mini-class and in completing the assignments from that class I had some old stories come up for me to heal and these stories were strongly held by a part of myself. Even though that part of myself isn’t actually a demon but it was keeping me stuck. I went through two steps to two make friends with this part of myself and get it on my side.


The first step was to let this part of myself have its say and write all the reasons it wanted what it wanted. Then, I wrote back a love letter telling that part of myself all the reasons I loved it and I was grateful for it and I gave it new job going forward in my life. You can do the same thing anytime you have a part of you who resists making changes that you desire for your life.

I talked a little about Carolyn Elliott and if you’d like to learn more about her fabulous self you can find her here:



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